Question of the Day – No. 397

What are you the most afraid of?


49 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 397

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      1. Not much in the way of heights or tornadoes (hey, I never said they were rational fears ;), though since my parents have retired to Florida, I’ve come uncomfortably close to gators a few times while visiting.

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  1. I must be afraid of success. I can’t really say I’m afraid of failure because I have failed at so many things in my life, I’m practically a professional failure.

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      1. I don’t know. Perhaps it’s all in my mind, but I feel like successful people are expected to perform at a certain level and behave a certain way all the time. Successful people live under a microscope and their every move is scrutinized for any little misstep. When a person is successful, others will look for a crack in their armor, even a small one, and then crucify them for it. You lose a certain level of anonymity when you’re successful.

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      1. I’m 50, not married, only relative near by is my 21 year old son who will marry and most likely move to a bigger city (he can’t stand out town that I love). I have a lot of church friends but even then I see the older people end up in convalescent homes with nothing to do and no one to stop by. It saddens me.

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  2. For the longest time it used to be failure, now it’s mediocrity. It’s so easy to slip into the comfortable and find yourself settling… I’m no longer afraid of failure, I’m afraid of choosing the path of least resistance.

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  3. I’m most afraid of myself, in particular, being an obstacle to myself and those I love. Especially in the sense of where my weaknesses lie, becoming a liability instead of an asset. I do not wish this feeling onto anyone, but I’m sure I am not alone. I wish you all strength in overcoming your fears.

    All of the best,


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      1. If I’m falsed to go to a formal meeting I can slowly feel it build up, mild discomfort to irritability, so I go. But if something suddenly happens such as conflict, or aggression towards me, I flip

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  4. Good question. I think it’s because always have been a little too hard on myself due to family upbringing


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