57 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 398

    1. I’m satisfied. Of course, there are times when I think of things that may or may not make my life more satisfying – but too much of that type of thinking tends to take focus away from the things that make my life great. You know, the often overlooked things or the things we often take for granted.

      Great question. Thought-provoking, for sure.

      Much Love.

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      1. Thank you for taking your time to answer! If we think about it, the things we overlook are actually the things that make our life satisfying because those are signs of what we have accomplished.


      1. So many plans. Need more beauty love happiness. Need to help more people. But I believe it will all happen🐞

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      1. I’m stepping in a deeper awareness of what needs healing and taking steps that lead there. Like taking a walk every day. Doing more yoga. Finding things that create more health and energy… and happiness!

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  1. Very satisfied: a have a cosy flat, I am not starving, I can afford a few trips abroad per year, I have good friends and there’s nothing more I could really ask for 🙂

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      1. Absolutely not 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂(sadly)
        The older I get, the more I read and learn, the more I “see” things differently.
        Most of us grow up seeking satisfaction through visual & tactile stimulants. So we often fail to learn how to “feel” satisfied. We associate satisfaction with being seen in the eyes of others as being content and achieved.
        I think that satisfaction is a state of mind, more of a calm and worry free state of mind.

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      1. Of course I have some concerns, as I think we are all driven by fear of missing out (FOMO) and I am no different, as I may never achieve my goals but I am enjoying the journey and not letting peer pressure get to me. So hard to use the word regret yet. For example if I was to become a parent now I don’t think I would regret I didn’t do it earlier, because I have learned so much up to now. So, before I die I could more accurately let you know.

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      1. I gradually realised that happiness was in the moments we have and the memories we make, not in possessions or ‘things’.
        It took some internal reflection and realising that a bigger house or new car would not change my life, it wouldn’t take away the things that troubled me nor would it provide the things that made me happy.
        I was a terrible shopaholic in my 20’s. It stopped when we had children. That’s when I started to realise that despite not having the money to buy petty luxuries, I was no less happy than before.

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  2. For a while there, I wasn’t satisfied at all. Depression can be an ugly state of mind.

    I am happy to report that life has never been better. Found a proper career path, married to a supportive wife who recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and I am more connected with my family than ever.

    Satisfaction in life is up to you. The real question is, “How hard are you willing to work to attain it?”

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  3. At times I thought I wasn’t satisfied, I looked at what I didn’t have. Not material wise but how I didn’t make it as a wife, don’t have that loving and supportive partner/husband. But then I look at everything else I have and ye know, I’ve a lovely home, a decent motor, clean clothes, delicious good, two amazing kids, both of my parents still and a very few select good friends. Life could be well worse

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  4. yes. i’ve got my friends around me and I have every second of the day to read write make music and money. Even though I’m detained and havent left the unit for six weeks I’ve just got the internet and Im enjoying myself. I’m honestly really happy. But I think due to lack of sleep I’m a bit manic and I’m on pregabalin tramadol and clonazepam. So its prob a false optomism.

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  5. I’m pretty nihilistic, grumpy, aloof with most people I meet. Misanthropic in general, I have a few close friends that I love and they bring out the good in me and give me joy. Probably about 10 people I’ve ever met I can say I truly love/like. I can tell if I like someone in seconds, I find people fascinating

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