45 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 406

  1. Forgetting to eat. I always get caught up in my work that I oftentimes forget to schedule eating and I can feel the toll on my brain. Being healthy is extremely important. FOOD MAN, FOOD!

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  2. I try not to judge myself too harshly but my Starbucks habit is a tough one to break. I make myself go in the store and stand in line, sometimes if it’s long, I’ll leave, which is good for my pocketbook and my resilience. Also, set reading time until midnight and so loosely interpreted it means before the birds start chirping lol.

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  3. And what do You mean by “wrong”? Incorrect? Or flawed? Is “wrong” a matter of behaving or acting in a manner that is discordant with ones inner truth, or discordant with some societal value?

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      1. wrong can mean any of these things dependent upon the context. to me, wrong is whatever is not right, so I like to qualify how much was wrong, in which way it was wrong, so i may get something right for once in my life. heh

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      1. News, browsing favorite shops, diy, looking up info. About kids’ interests as part of homeschooling. The last part is not bad since it’s essential as part of homeschooling, but the first few things I could do less. Lol!
        Thanks for asking the follow up question.

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  4. I text and drive. I do it at stop lights and when zero cars are in front of me. But now I’m making excuses. That’s wrong, too!

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  5. Every morning as soon as I wake up I check all of my social media and before I know it 2 to 3 hours have past and I’m still sat on the bed in my pj’s thinking yet again not to go on social media until I’m dressed and at least had my 1st pint of coffee.
    Today I managed to get dressed and down stairs before I looked at my social media 😊

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