Question of the Day – No. 419

How often do you act in such a way so you won’t upset others even though it’s not the best for you?


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      1. Realizing that I *could* do it. I have to live with myself 24/7 – and that connection to saying “no” to things that dragged mw down shifted a lot of my outlook.

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  1. Everyday.
    And as soon as I “act out of sorts”, it’s such a problem for everyone else .yet those same people can say and do what They feel without a thought of my feelings.

    How I’ve learned to combat this? I do me anyway. They’ll be “offended” or “shocked”, but they’ll also get over it.

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  2. I try to avoid this at all costs. Nevertheless, my job sometimes requires me to mediate situations, which in turn requires me to act in such a way so as to not upset others, even though it’s most definitely not the best for me.

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      1. Unfortunately, it cannot. The work I do is rather complicated and involves legal intricacies that, unless you’ve been exposed to for a while, can be confusing and intimidating. As such, I must explain specific situations to employees to help them understand some of these intricacies and reassure them along the process. I could solve it by saying something along the lines of “calm down, your case is being handled,” but that would be poor customer service and may even make them more aggravated.

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  3. Thanks for sharing!… it is my life, I am the only one that can live it, I will get only one try at it so living my life my way… 🙂

    “You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realize how seldom they do”.. Eleanor Roosevelt

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  4. Almost exclusively with my mother-in-law, but not all the time. She’s one of those hyper-sensitive people that are appalled by nearly everything. Don’t get me wrong, I love her and respect who she is and what she does, especially for her family, but I have to censor myself quite often. When I eventually get frustrated with her hyper-sensitivity or lack of decisiveness (only because she doesn’t want to offend anyone) I slip into a version of myself that more closely resembles who I am. But I am still not 100% me around her.

    Everyone else gets the full force of my humour, wit, and depending on how they view it, my abrasiveness or forwardness.

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  5. Interesting Question
    It depends on who the “person” is
    And what exactly I am trying to accomplish in the moment

    Ex: If I disagree with my mother, I am carful in how I respond and get my point across
    Whereas, if am trying to prevent her from eating sugar cookies for breakfast (against her diet, due to diabetes) I am less careful about her feelings being hurt

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