Question of the Day – No. 428

What question would you like to ask our fellow bloggers?


31 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 428

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    1. This is a very interesting question! I don’t know how others do, but I actually never deleted a post. I haven’t even published them in the first place lol


    1. I started as an outlet for my thoughts and opinions on an unbiased platform. I have made it plain that I use a fake name here and I haven’t told anyone I know about this blog. Anything said is said without fear of personal judgement or repercussions. It has been a powerful tool towards my recovery from a mental breakdown last year

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    1. How important is it for you the number of followers you have? I must admit that it was very important for me when I started, but now I realized the number is not important. The interactions are the important ones.

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      1. Initially, the numbers did matter a lot. But, after sometime, I became more focused on the importance of my content, expression and as you said the healthy interactions.

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    1. Niice question! For me it’s like this: sometimes I’m excited, but most of the time I’m meh because I don’t manage to get the ideas out the way I’d like to. It’s a huge challenge…

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