Question of the Day – No. 430

What would you love to do for a living?


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  1. I’m already living in it
    Took the better part of 6 years of learning to trust myself …. and SO worth it

    Weird thing is, even if I don’t get paid, this is what I’ll still do anyway 😊

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      1. Money; survival. Writing stories is kind of a chance job, if it fares good you are successful and if it doesn’t then you are in good need of money.

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      1. Yes! When blockbuster had the mail in movie service, I always returned mine at the store and ended up chatting with the employees who would recommend so many movies that I love and would never have seen had it not been for them 🥰🥰🥰

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  2. I want a career in proofreading and editing. Trying to work toward that, even if it is a bit late in the game. I wish I could tell my college-age self that I should get the master’s in English and give law school a miss.

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      1. Rebecca, I’m trying! 🙂 The challenge is finding ways to get my name out there and get folks willing to take a chance on someone who doesn’t have formal education or work experience, but rather a strong natural inclination to proofreading. I work with two authors, proofreading their books, and they’ve had good things to say. Hopefully that will translate into some other people who’ll let me polish up their writing.

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      1. Sorry I did not reply earlier, Bogdan. I landed my college (political science) teaching job when I was 49. I had been teaching elementary school before that. I loved working with the college “kids” and other professors.


  3. This is a good question 😁. Exactly what I’m doing now. Working with kids. Shaping them for a better future for our country and just loving them. 7 to 12 year olds. I hava a small Aftercare Centre where I help them with their homework, some special needs kids as well. It is awesome and I’m so blessed 😁

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  4. I would love to do everything I love to do, and get paid for it! Writing, travel, photography, reading, and doing my Health Coaching. (I’m a Certified HC) I only want to work about ten hours a week, but I’m very reliable and passionate about what I do! I am making strides. Good luck with YOUR dream job, everyone!

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      1. I make a lot of jokes because life shouldn’t be taken so seriously. And people mistake me for my message, and then I because the joke. And then I guess I am, I become my own punchline… I’m too serious and not serious enough.

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  5. Be a full time Artist and study Parapsychology….but it would be hard to survive if I did that. Maybe if one day I get to retire.

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  6. Work from home, data entry maybe or something more creative like embroidery and running my own business. The idea of working from home is what I like the most, I think I would be more productive, and could organise my time better. Dunno anyone who does it though in my immediate environment so I have no feedback

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      1. I don’t agree, I believe you can be more productive this way, and work specific hours. Sometimes in the office work can be slow and maybe thre’s nothing to be done but you have to be there as you are being paid for it. Wasted hours.


  7. I have quite a few things I would love to do for a living. Which I am working towards 😁

    Regional Fundraiser, Wedding Planner, Patient Representative, support patients who are in Critical Care/ICU and their families.

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  8. I’m currently working toward my dream. Two years ago, I found myself fed up with the decisions I had made up to that point so I made a major change. I pursued a career in writing. I am currently a content writer and social media coordinator, but my dream is to be a screenwriter. I am now working on three side projects; a novel, a short story, and a screenplay.

    You want something? Go after it, because it won’t come to you.

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  9. I’d love to be creative for a living.
    Write, obviously. Take photos. Create beautiful paper, invitations, personal stationary, etc. Design and create beautiful living spaces. Create names for nail polish and paint colors. Create beautiful organization in living spaces.
    Absolute bliss!

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