Question of the Day – No. 440

When you think about your workplace, what pisses you off the most?


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  1. Managers who don’t lead by example . Just because you’re a higher up, doesn’t mean you can’t jump in with your crew- shows you really care about your employees. Being a true and effective leader is one who values the steps it took to get them in the higher position(if they truly earned it); they never forget where they started and hold it in regard and use it to inspire their employees

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  2. Nepotism, there is an old saying that expresses that single word crudely. I probably shouldn’t share it here. I do not want to offend anyone. Working back in the kitchen with cooks and dishwashers crude was okay. So, I’ll stop here. and save apologizing later.

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  3. I won’t say what pisses me off because I’d rather tell you what I strive for. These are the following things I strive for: 1) pay equity, 2) accountability, 3) respect, and 4) profit-sharing. When workers are treated fairly and with dignity, the whole business thrives and everyone wins.

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  4. Dramatic people who try to discharge their work on someone else’s shoulders. And also, the lack of freedom – I love what I do, but it kills me that I have to live by a schedule which is not my own!

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