Question of the Day – No. 442

What’s the biggest challenge you face every day?


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  1. Struggle with getting out of bed going to work. Doing a job that I don’t love to do. But I continuously tell myself that I’m making little steps everyday so I don’t have to work a 9-5 anymore. I’m building. Great question. What’s yours??

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      1. I get out the bed and thank the heavenly father that I’m alive to see another day. I try to get myself mentally in the mode to think more on be happy and taking advantage of my day to build. Instead of focusing so much on what I don’t have and where I want to be. That’s pretty much it. Beside on my way to work I’m in the cat jamming to some tunes or having YouTube or a interesting podcast playing so I can calm myself and chill. So I can be relaxed and take my mind even more off of work. But that’s pretty much it.

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      1. I wake up and pray giving thanks. Then I listen to some of my favorite podcast or jam to some tunes on the way to work. I do this so I put myself in a relaxing state of mind. But lately I just been focusing on the website so that has taking my mind off of having a 9-5 as for now.


  2. Going home after work to an empty house. So lonely and quiet. I go for a walk, take my time at the store, or stop and chat with my neighbors to try and prolong the inevitable! LOL

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  3. Getting myself out of my lazy shell and into “productive mode”, sucks too because some days I manage to do this without effort as it should be but that’s “some” days. I need constant motion

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    1. I get this. My OCD can take the form of rumination. But my biggest problem is making a decision. Paralysis by Analysis! And worrying about everyone and everything and just fucking moving forward without overthinking everything.

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      1. That’s not something that is generally a problem for me, but my 15-year-old sister deals with similar issues. I have pure-O OCD so I spend a lot of the day going crazy with disturbing intrusive thoughts. Maybe if the decision you’re stressing out over is a fairly small one you could make yourself leave it to chance, flip a coin or something. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried that, but I think if I had that kind of anxiety it could potentially help me.

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      2. Hi Indie – Yes, I think you are right. I literally just go round and round. Today I just made a decision on my writing for this year and I’m going to stick to it. If you want to check out my blog later this week I’ll put it up there! Sometimes just moving forward is what we need to do and let the rest go. (I had Pure-O for a few years and it’s practically gone now. For me what helped was a strong spiritual practice and participation in a 12 step group. When I found out my triggers I was able to better practice a spiritual course of action that worked like a charm. No, prayer alone doesn’t cure OCD for everyone. In my case, I don’t need meds now based on my toolkit of tricks and spiritual path. But I’d go back in a second if needed.)

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      3. I’ll try to keep up with the stuff you put on your blog, I should probably get to know some more people who have OCD because I don’t know anybody who has it in real life. I’m not religious but if something works for somebody, it works. I wish I had something that consistently helped me with my obsessions. :/

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      1. I’m having a hard time waking up lately and I’m not quite sure why. Though sometimes I think it’s because of my recent very noticeable weight gain?


      1. Not many like me are able to openly speak/ express our views, thoughts and opinions because of doubt and hesitation about how people would perceive our views and so on. So, that’s why it may become a challenge for me sometimes.


      2. But, I am slowly learning (still!) that what I think of myself is more important than what others think about me. So,such a mindset doesn’t let the doubts and hesitation interfere in my daily life. But, there are times when speaking yourself becomes a challenge. I’m still young and I’m still learning.


  4. The greatest challenge I face every day has to be mustering the motivation to seize the day. Sometimes it is not until the end of the day that I feel like getting things done. Other times I wake up at the crack of dawn ready to tackle anything and everything. It’s the former that presents the challenge.

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      1. Excellent question! I think about 20 days have been motivated days and 10 could have been better. I’m not necessarily sure why that is the case, but I will definitely give it some thought.


  5. Sometimes, I have to do things I dislike, such as hosting people for prolonged periods of time. In those times, I need to constantly tell myself that I am aligned with the Eye in the SKy and have to do the right thing, with the right attitude. I wish it came more naturally, but hey we are all humans 🙂

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  6. It bothers me a lot that some people around me present a different face according to who they have opposite them so I’m trying to suppress the urge to embarrass them


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