30 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 448

  1. I love it when I get to help others and build relationships at work. Perhaps that is why my favorite job thus far has been in politics, which is essentially helping people and building relationships for a living.

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  2. Give me a microscope and a specimen, and I’m a happy camper. There’s a magic in being able to help a person get a valid diagnosis from their doctor and to move on to healing.

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  3. Without options, that’s vague because I do not know what all types are there, but
    (1) if it is for earning money, I’d prefer monotonous work with no overtime,
    (2) so that I can do my choice of work on free time.

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  4. My passion for work is creating blessing bags for children in the care of the state and foster care. These children typically arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs and if the off chance they have arrived with a few items, they are given a black trash bag to haul their belongings around. I was adopted at 7 years old and like most others, arrived with nothing so it has been my mission to help these kiddos as much as I can. I started a few years ago, my spouse asked what I want for Christmas present and I told him I want to spend the money on starting something that would have a lasting impact on others, so I’ve been doing it ever since. Nothing expensive or fancy, just little drawstring backpacks filled with some necessities, comfort items (fleece blanket, stuffed animal) and some writing journals, books & activity pads and of course some goodies (cookies, candy). I do as many as possible, as frequent as possible, typically around holidays/summer/school starting. It has been my biggest labor of love, affected so many, and showed my kiddo about giving. I am forever grateful and excited for the next set of blessing bags to be delivered. xoxo ♥️me

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    1. Um, you are NOT in my brain clearly. I struggle with this big time. But it’s awesome that you are good at this. We are all wired differently for sure!

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  5. I really really like and enjoy “building “ or putting together projects made of corrugated boxes and just cutting the shapes and gluing them together and painting them, the whole process is so enjoyable to me, so the conclusion is i like to do creative things with my hands! 🙌🏼


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