18 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 449

  1. Watching the sunset on the banks of river Ganges. Even though it was crowded with too many people, I felt alone and even for a few seconds, I just enjoyed watching the sun go down. Like another day was done and I was alive.

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  2. Detangling the newborn kittens from their umbilical cords and sacks without harming them. I was terrified by the wee wiggly ones, and the potential for causing long term damage. Mama has them now, and it was lovely to help.

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  3. I made a driving mistake recently – just because of a lack of concentration. The streets were empty early in the morning …except of a police car directly behind me.
    The policemen were purchasing bread rolls for the police station at a bakery….and noticed my mistake.
    I have to pay a fine only, although they could have confiscated my driving license for a month in addition to the fine. There was a margin of discretion, they used to my benefit. Puuuuh!

    German policemen are the best! 💖

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  4. i felt happy and relieved today when i was not left by my bus going to work. I don’t want to spend money by riding a taxi.Thankfully f15 arr rived . 🙂

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  5. Answering with all honesty.. this morning. I was sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded by a dozen littles between the ages of 2-5 yrs old. They were all laughing and playing and having a great time, and their joy was contagious! In a good way! I can’t say how much of a blessing it has been volunteering for childcare where I do. I come home exhausted but laughing at all the antics, and smiling so big it hurts.

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  6. I felt happy today that I FINALLY figured out my brand for Twitter and Facebook. I started a private Facebook group. This is huge for me because I want to write full time within 4 years and I need to be clear what I’m most passionate about. For me that’s Faith (of any kind), courage, transformation and tacos. My brand is Happily Ticked Off. So find me on Facebook and join my group! All are welcome! We can trudge toward our dreams together. 🙂

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  7. Definitely on Saturday and Sunday. REASON: I didn’t have to wake up early and stand at the bus stop!! Literally, the best feeling is when you wake up and look at the phone and it’s 5:00 am ; then suddenly you realize you it’s a day off; and then doze off to sleep with a big tension free smile!

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  8. Today.. early morning at 4 am. I was feeling beautiful.. staring at the full moon and clouds sitting in balcony.. completely at peace

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  9. It was when I was on morphine after someone fell on my head from a window, and clonazepam, tramadol and pregabalin. It’s a fake happiness I guess but it still hit the GABA receptors.


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