11 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 457

  1. I let those moments play over and over in my head in a never ending loop. Then when I’m exhausted and I have had enough, I reason with myself and return to feeling more confident and at peace. Over the years the insecurities have diminished and I agonize less; probably has something to do with age and caring less about what others think.

  2. Moments? I’d say I have moments of confidence amid days of insecurity. Fake flamenco means persevering despite discomfort. I show up, I keep writing, and I continue to believe I will be published. -Rebecca

  3. I’m insecure most of the time unfortunately. I’ve noticed that I become stand offish and slightly defensive when approached, which is probably not the right way to handle these types of situations.

  4. I think about the options and assign each to sides of a mental coin, then I flip the coin and as I imagine it in the air, I know exactly what my decision is — the one I want the coin to yield.

  5. I remind myself I am not the person I was. I’m stronger, I have more emotional support, I’m healthier, the situation may be uncomfortable, but I’ve survived such things. I will also practice some meditative breathing to calm down.

  6. Know the person I want to be. If this will help me get there then it’s worth the insecurity. If it won’t then I don’t find much value in that experience.

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