24 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 474

  1. It’s not a constant worry ;but I occasionally think that all my dreams ; the ones which are very close to my heart- like being famous, happy and rich and being loved by someone whom you also love…etc would never be a part of my reality. I am again saying this happens to me rarely.

  2. Mr Bogdan

    I am sorry to say but your entries are sounding meaningless. Maybe it is time you come up something interesting or take a break for a while, and come back when you have something meaningful to share!

  3. My biggest worry? I suppose all connect to the one. That I will continue to sabotage my life, despite my efforts, and regret it all on my death bed.

      1. By “sabotage my life,” I mean, continuing to allow my depression and anxiety to win, I suppose. I’m afraid I’ll never fully push through my fears, doubts, insecurities and the like, in order to experience the best life I’m capable of. I’m afraid my “issues” will continue to hold me back from becoming a healthy, happy and balanced me. I’m working on it though 😆

  4. Too much – the different issues like to take turns in no particular order. Will I reconcile with my youngest? Will my husband ever find a “proper” job? How are we going to pay for this that or the other? Can I make it through school without losing my mind? Will I be employable? So, anxiety?

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