Question of the Day – No. 477

If you were the best writer in the world, what would you write about?


45 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 477

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  1. About being the change you want to see. I would like my writing to inspire people to be the best version of themselves, to be kind to others, and to always do the right thing, even when nobody’s watching — especially when nobody’s watching.

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  2. Why do I get the feeling this is one of those leading questions offered by gurus… One where the answer would be “Well go do it then!”

    Me, if I had the persuasive ability, tolerance for all the abuse I’d take from people who can’t tolerate a good example, and patience, I’d write books trying to bring people together and realize that so much of the messages we hear today are from people playing divide and conquer to help themselves maintain power. Inspiring PEACEFUL social change like Ghandi or MLK though… Yeah a bit beyond me.

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