Question of the Day – No. 483

What is your latest mistake and what have you learned from it?


16 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 483

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  1. Expecting myself to become a better writer with consistent practice, yet feeling destroyed when I make a mistake. We learn by trying. We will inevitably make mistakes when we try something new. How ridiculous to be mad at myself for being human!

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  2. I worked with some folks to accomplish set goals without being appreciated…learned to look on to the hills from where rewards comes.

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  3. Well, letting my tongue cut my throat would be the mistake and I have learnt that less is always more so yes ,speak less


  4. Opening up to someone that is full of bs instead of keeping my mouth shut as I was planning to do. Lesson learned is that when your gut says something listen to it. I’ve also learned that people have such a great desire to be likable that they will pretend and lie and fake, which I do not get. That last part was irrelevant to the question. Anyway


  5. I helped relatives that were dear to me, but they used me to fulfill their agenda. Lesson learned. Always keep a safe distance. Always. I can’t stress the ‘always’ enough


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