31 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 486

  1. If money is no object, I’d travel. I’d see everything imaginable.

    If I’m still earning the same salary, I would just dedicate my time to my writing.

  2. Try different food outlets every day. Attend my favourite self empowerment speakers sermons all over the world, meet different people and
    Shop til I drop.

  3. write, read, study. & since I know that’s what I want to do I fit as much as I can in around my current commitments.

    1. I would love to go to a beach house, sit with the fishes and have a conversation with the sea . share wine and coffee with the stars and write till d moon comes down

  4. I’d like to stay in a cozy cabin on the coast of Maine. I’d stay there all year, enjoying each season. I’d completely unplug, and read, write, and paint to my heart’s content. 🕊

  5. Studying rigorous science and writing vigorous literature.

    But why need 1 yr off, when we have 2 days in a weekend totalling to 29% of a year ?! LIVE THE LIFE 💟 🙌

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