27 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 488

    1. Well, maybe your advise didn`t convince the other person in this single case.
      In any case, it is a compliment to be asked for advise.
      I am happy to share my view if it helps the decision making process and I do not expect that other follow my advise.
      Actually, I am used to ask many people for their opinions to be sure that I get a grasp of the big picture and look at the topic from different angles.


      1. I dont mind giving advice. My example centers around a certain kind of people who always ask for it but they love to go the opposite of whatever anyone tells them. I have family like this.


      2. Because they like to waste my time, is what I’ve figured out over the years. My family are very negative and they find negativity in every aspect of their lives-mostly self inflicted of these choices they make.
        Then I’m made to be the bad guy or my advice is shooed off.

        So many times of that happening, I’ve learned to not give in. “I don’t know what tell you.” Is my go to response. They end up saying what steadfastly what they were going to do anyway, if I said anything or not


  1. In a group setting I always disliked the whole, Please share an interesting fact about yourself. That’s too much pressure for me. I’m not that interesting.


  2. Questions like:
    When are you getting married? (followed by: when will you have babies?)
    And those related to money: You’re travelling too much, can you really afford that?

    Usually those questions are followed by unwanted advice and comparisons to other people (who are about my age). I know my relatives just wanted the best for me, but the repetitiveness can be really tiresome.


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