The Art of Communication

Drawing by Adrian Serghie

This seems to be a never-ending topic, and no wonder. We “communicate” daily, or at least, that’s what we think we do. But do we really?

Lately, I got even more obsessed about the way we communicate (I didn’t think it was possible) and obviously, I started with observing the way I communicate. The main issue in my way of communicating is that too many times it gets so God damn hard to be specific in what I’m trying to transmit. I’m stunned about the differences that are sometimes between the idea I try to transmit and the words I say. And what’s even more surprising is that sometimes I get so anxious to express what I want to express that I miss the part where I should listen to that other person.

A while back, I wrote about the four levels of communication and it seems that those four simple steps, are not simple at all. Even though the intent is there, the execution might be the stinky one.

The emotional component

This might be one of the biggest blockers, if we can call it this way. The main challenge is to keep the urge to speak under control when the other person is talking. I know that there are times when an idea might fly away and that might be one of the reasons why we want to say what we need to say right in the moment the idea came in, but that doesn’t help with the quality of our communication.

The vocabulary component

Sometimes we just cannot find the right words to say what we want to say and that might be because those particular words are not very familiar to us. It doesn’t mean we’re stupid, it just means we’re not familiar with every single word in the universe, which is normal. Reading, writing and speaking can help a lot with that because it challenges us to find new words to express one idea.

So with an emotion flowing through your veins, how on Earth can you find the right words? It’s a challenge and an art, as I like to call it. Not because it needs to be beautiful, but because it needs to be efficient.

Under which emotion you have the hardest time finding the proper words to express your ideas?

8 thoughts on “The Art of Communication

  1. Nice drawing. By you for that matter. Never expected it👍. Sorry for not thanking you, at least, for the like and follow on my blog. Thanks and love you. I still have a lot but, this is OK

  2. Fear holds me back from verbal communication. I love learning new languages, as long as I don’t have ti verbalize them. I know makes no sense, but I foul up the pronounciations and on top of my small speech impediment (“lazy tongue”), I’m more insecure.

  3. Fear/anger are the toughest ones, for sure. How can I express myself so that I get the intended response in return that I want (or at least hope for)? Some people cannot handle having difficult conversations, that may involve tough emotions. And I only want to have these types of conversations for the purpose of creating understanding so that we can move forward. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. 🙂

  4. I would take a moment to appreciate your blog. Yes to get success in today’s world all we need is the art to communicate with someone. If we have got control of our words will be able to succeed in any field we work. Also, if you get some training to effectively communicate with anyone can lead to a better way.
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