Question of the Day – No. 493

How are other people’s insecurities affecting you?


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  1. I’m porous now (after YEARS of self-work) and therefore my friend doesn’t leave a sediment behind. So I am able to be myself with her because there’s no possibility of irritation
    Even a year ago, my self protection would have been aroused and I wouldn’t either have let her share or would have jumped to solve her problems (or the worst) avoid her
    Now I barely remember our conversations and she says I am the best friend anyone can hope to have 😳 …. so ……

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  2. As I see that the more you make yourself difficult for people around you; the more you thicken their insecurities – I have been seeing myself progressively feeling the urge to be easy on people.

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  3. Well, we’re all indirectly or directly influenced by them as the yardsticks of satisfaction of others turn into our own yardsticks


  4. Their insecurities affect my relationship with them. I have a cousin who is so over-emotional, the littlest thing can make her cry and obsess for days. I know she genuinely feels distress over this little thing but having to console and reassure her EVERY TIME makes me not want to be around her. It’s energetically draining. Alternately, I know that MY self-esteem insecurity sometimes rears it’s ugly head and other people feel the need to “give me advice” to deal with it, which I don’t want. This turns into irritation and they get miffed. Badness all around.


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