20 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 497

  1. At my new job they make me wear this communication device on me at all times in case I have to get in touch with the manager or vice versa, and I have to wear this ear piece that gets in the way when I try to do literally anything and keeps falling off me every couple of seconds because my ears are too small. I wish I didn’t have to wear that stupid f’ing thing. 😛

  2. No anti negativity, but emphasizing dealing with stress in healthy ways. My workplace did an anti negativity thing and now I’m scared to even show emotion. Totally toxic

    1. Whenever any jobs do that “anti-negativity” bs that’s their excuse to keep you in your place. Who said it was wrong to address unhappy work conditions and toxic environments? They did apparently so as soon as you speak up “oh, you’re being negative.” FOH 🙄

  3. A pleasant work place shouldn’t be about just what’s pleasant for me. It should be about what will make it more pleasant for everyone around me as well. If everyone around me feels more positive in doing their job, then the outcome will be more productive which will lead to a more pleasant environment for myself.

  4. As a student now (oh that feels odd to say) I have two workplaces. Home – which I’m working on getting the actual physical layout taken care of – a “real” desk and files, and *gasp* a desktop – because that’s ergonomically better and more conductive to learning. That’s on me, although it would be grand if my husband was more interested in some housework.
    At school, I’d like more comfortable seating. Sitting for hours in a hard chair, there just comes a point where my mind wonders about how numb my legs are going. Not really practical in a public community college, but a dream, nonetheless.

      1. Thanks! My “asshole” brain is looking reasons to panic today – homework, when exams and quizzes are etc. Gotta love anxiety.

  5. No more nepotism. There’s one person here that does not deserve his job and should’ve been let go a long time ago. Yet he walks around the office like he owns the place. It’s quite annoying.

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