Weather and us: What we take from it


Hi everyone,

I want to talk about how weather affects our moods and even personality today because a friend is visiting me from a colder country and we got to discuss this a bit. So I wanted to learn what you think.

A warning before I start, though: whatever I write here is about how the weather might affect us and not how it ‘determines’ our personalities and moods, because there are oh so many other factors. So, please do not take it as an absolute statement but rather as patterns. Ok, so here we go.

We are born with some personality traits and we obtain others from our environment. We can be affected by many things in our environment. Family is a big one. School is another big one. But weather is something too, I believe.

I live in a fairly sunny place all year round and people here are mostly relaxed and easy-going. They tend to smile and say ‘Hi’ even at 5 am in the morning (I used to go for a walk then). I think this is more common than most other places I have been to. But when I look at my home country, I can also see a similar kind of distinction: people in warmer places, which have sun all-year-round tend to be more chill. So it looks like to me that having sun consistently has some effect on how our personality is shaped.

The sun could even affect our daily mood. For me, the sun is a major reason for motivation and it gives me happiness. I work much better on sunny days, both mentally and physically. When there is no sun, especially if it is cloudy and gray, that is major reason to sleep in. The sun lights up all the colors and my mood. I know some people work better when the sky is gray and there are clouds. I actually wonder: if you are such a person, how does the sunny weather affect you? Does it motivate you? Does it make you want to stay home so you can avoid the sun (just like I want to stay home to avoid the grayness)?

How much do you think the sun affects us? Do you get affected at all? If so, how? Do you think these effects are temporary or could they have permanent, personality shaping effects? If they do, do you think they are changeable? For example, if someone moves from a cold country to a warm country, will they be more chill? I will say, I think moving into a warmer city kind of changed my approach to things. Let’s discuss!

33 thoughts on “Weather and us: What we take from it

  1. ☁☁ How true. It’s hard to keep a smile when the gloomy days go on, & on, & on.
    🌝🌝Don’t forget full and new moons also affect the world.

  2. I prefer the grey, the rainy, or OOOH, the foggy. It gives me a buffer from the rest of the world, a way to create my own little cocoon of sanity. Sun all the time, or most of the time, is draining, I feel like a starfish that’s been yanked out of her lovely cool watery home, and staked out on a rock to dessicate.

    I do like natural light to read or work by, I prefer having it diluted by trees or some kind of overhand so I’m not stressing my eyes as much. Given my choice, I’d be where there was less sun, and more of those days where working inside and looking out to see the fog forms and the rain, would be ideal.

    1. Nice! I think if I lived in a gloomy place, my productivity would drop. But I know a lot of people that prefer cloudy, rainy weather! So there is motivation and happiness there:)

  3. I live in tropical country so the sun is shining all-year-round. Most of people here (including me) are on better mood when sunny days. Meanwhile on cloudy or even rainy days (usually happen around December-March when the rain falls almost everyday), we often feel lazier to go outside (except for school or working).

  4. Good topic! I live in Florida and it’s mostly sunny but I’m not sure that it brings a lot of friendly smiles and happiness here lol. People are basically robots, on their phones, or minding their own business unless you know them of course. But strangers are pretty much what I described in my experience…pretty robotic and inattentive.

    I LOVE rainy days and overcast days. In Florida we get big thunderstorms almost every single day in the summer that last about an hour and I love it every time. I get energy. The sun steals my energy honestly. When it’s hot and humid I try not to go out much. It’s pretty, but it’s uncomfortable. On overcast days, it’s cooler, and the sun isn’t burning hot on your skin.

    I work in an office that has 3 massive windows and on sunny days (most days) I keep the transparent blinds down to keep the sun and heat manageable but when the storms come through, I get excited and I open all the blinds. To me it’s beautiful watching the rain fall and hearing the thunder.

    I do appreciate the sun but I favor the overcast and stormy weather.

  5. I find I am a bit of mix as I love sunny clear days but I also really love it when it rains! but if it rains too much It gets difficult. I think i read somewhere that Northern countrys like norway and greenland have high levels of depression due how dark and cold it is through out the year. Excellent post by the way!

  6. It’s funny that I’m reading this because I was just thinking about it. I agree, there’s a thing called seasonal depression where the weather affects your mood. I live in the UK and it’s mostly cold and wet here. I feel way better when it’s sunny outside!

  7. After living in Seattle for 2 years and coming back to Colorado where we have 300 days of sun a year, I can tell you that the sun has a HUGE impact on my mood and my entire life.

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  9. TODAY IS ONE OF THESE DAYS AAAAHG. WHITE SKY NO SUN. :0 It’s a battle to reframe it as a positive thing. Especially when your moods are easily affected.

  10. Oh my! Hot topic here!! I live where we have at least 4 seasons, mud and blah being the extra in March and November respectively! Lack of sunlight is a HUGE problem in November…and the kind of exercise and nature activities shift, due to the darkness and temperatures, limiting many easy common outdoor activities-and nature is sooo good for us! Some of us do not replace that kayak trip or swimming hole adventure or gardening with a nature activity in winter and it impacts us greatly! But oh the joy when the grass starts to green, and the sun warms our faces…makes us joyful and appreciative of the return of spring and summer!!

    1. Yes. Didn’t think about how appreciative we are of the warmer weather is because of all the freedom we have! Unlike the great chemicals flooding us throughout the summer, you’re right, there’s substitutes to hold us through when its winter. Substitution isn’t easy and is often tedious. Having fun at home gets old, and putting in extra effort to have fun or do things you naturally can do in better weather is discouraging. You have a good view on this!

    2. I lived in a country with four seasons for the first 25 years of my life. So, I definitely relate! The joy when spring comes is not describable. The summer is the time we look forward to for the whole year!

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