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Today’s a pretty rough day because I barely slept last night. And it’s not like I did anything… I only had a constant thought-flow with things that could go bad in my life (that and the fact that one of my cats made strange noises all night long). The thoughts were so bad that I literally got sick (headaches and stomachaches). And for what? For nothing!

I kept countering those thoughts and when I was just about to sleep, the noises got me back up and the thoughts got stronger. It was a forceful battle, especially because it’s been a while since I had a night like this.

Now I wonder: how many of nights like this does the humankind have because of their own thoughts? (cat not included!) How much do we harm ourselves just because we can?

It reminded me of the time I wrote my book and this was the exact reason why: instead of us owning our thoughts, they own us and they do whatever they want with us. We go through different stages of sadness, depression, anger and so on just because some wild thought appear and it f*cked up our mind. Is it fair? No, of course not. But that’s just the way it is (apparently)…

PS: If my writings mean something to you and if you feel you can learn anything from me, check out my book (Fighting the Inside Dragons) on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback format!

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  1. I too, slept poorly. Strange dreams as usual, with an episode of crying for a recently departed person in my life. Some nights are great, others are just the discharge of emotional remnants that pop up due to slower thought process.

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  2. I think allot of insomnia is due to overthinking and worrying while in bed, which is why when I get in bed I try to not to think too much to the best I can. I just remind myself that whatever it is, good, bad or whatever worry – it can wait till after I wake up. That *usually* work for me – that and eating something before I get in bed. Hard to sleep on an empty stomach.

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  3. I had the cat last night – handsome beast. Sometimes we have to work through the negative thoughts to pinpoint where we’re “off”. Recognizing where that stress or anxiety is coming from is important in that it allows us to come up with a solution. it’s not a pleasant process, but it seems necessary.

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  4. I’ve often said I’d be a better writer if I could go without sleep. Late night is when my brain goes into overdrive. Unfortunately, I need sleep more and more as I get older and those thoughts are gone by the time I wake up.

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  5. Thanks, Bogdan. I often get the feeling that we are nothing but the thoughts we have. Virtually every action we take, every emotion we feel, every grievance we harbor begins as a idea. A feeling could come first, but then, to understand that feeling, we have to intellectualize it, we have to understand it with a thought or we have to name it. Thus, the mind controls our entire mechanism. If those thoughts are well formed and logical, we might be able to live well, but if our thoughts are bogus or poorly formed, we could make all kinds of miscalculations. This is a cool thought piece. By the way, I’m really liking your new approach. Your tone and voice are really engaging.

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