Question of the Day – No. 501

On a daily basis, what kind of thoughts make you sad?



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57 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 501

      1. Great question! I think my doubts are about generally not being as good as human being or not likeable as If there were a right way to be, i know that is irrational:)

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      2. I think the root of this feeling is that you value what others might think about you more than what you actually think of yourself. So if you work on increasing your own self- confidence it will eventually fade:)

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      3. Taking time to step back and acknowledge what you are already capable of, talk nicely and encouraging to yourself. Be motivated to overcome challenges and through that become more aware of your own power as well as opening up to people you trust I would say:)

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  1. Overpopulation, climate change and probable impending economic collapse, or at least during our lifetimes. I worry about losing the infrastructure of daily life, losing things like the ability to do this.

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  2. Oh, technology addiction, lack of compassion in society, everybody seemingly anxious/depressed. E.g. when I’m driving, I witness so much agression in other people.

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