18 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 503

  1. Guh, it used to be a terrible habit of mine! Apart of my over thinking was lack of information. Another major contributor was anxiety, which created a lack of contentment, acceptance, and peace. When I realized that what is well always have a greater purpose, though I won’t always know it or see it, even understand it, my Overthinking diluted some.

  2. Can’t figure it out yet. I keep shooing it away, but it always sneaks right back into my life and starts affecting it. Maybe overthinking took my house key off my key ring, had a duplicate made, and that’s how it keeps getting back in. But I had all the locks changed, yet it’s still getting in somehow and affecting my life. I put some bear-traps in the front yard, but all I caught was a coupla dozen canvassers distributing flyers for Chinese food restaurants, a vacuum cleaner salesman, a few sticks, and a bicycle. (I assume from a Mormon missionary)

    I then installed a video security system, but that only served to depress me further. Not only was I not able to catch so much as a glimpse of overthinking nor how it was affecting my life, but in viewing replays of the surveillance video, I learned that I am being observed by at least 4 different races of aliens, my house appears to be haunted by no less than 2,567 ghosts – none of whom speak English so I can’t communicate/converse with any of them, it’s possessed by 665 demons who appear more intent on getting out than staying in, it’s guarded by 3 angels who do little more than sit around and smoke cigarettes while playing cards, and I also appear to be under surveillance by the CIA. (Culinary Institute of America…which, this is the only one that kinda makes sense because my diet is indeed atrocious) To add further to the depression, I also learned that there at least 10 stray cats in my area, and of all the houses in my neighborhood, they all seem insistent upon pissing on my front porch, and my front porch only.

    Levity aside, when you find yourself stuck in any kind of informational loop, I personally have discovered that maybe this loop exists because it has something to teach you, but you haven’t learned it yet. Sucks I know, but there do exist some mysteries that we’ll maybe ponder for the entirety of our lives without finding answers nor absolution. However, these things can teach us much, and can do so without having to be constantly classified as “overthink”. But you walk in your own shoes on your own path, so, prolly best you make your own decisions/reach your own conclusions as and when needed.

    “There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts” – Richard Bach

    Hang in there, and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. <3

  3. Well I really detest overthinking but I attribute it a lot as a side-effect of using electronic devices. If you become aware of that then you know you can moderate your habits. I’m going into the new year in a great way thanks to too much thinking or maybe it was dreaming which isn’t quite as stressful. I control overthinking by making lists and understand that thoughts and feelings pass like clouds. Some take longer than others but thoughts do not stay unless you let them. Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year!

  4. My problem isn’t overthinking my problem is under thinking.

    Under thinking for me result in conflict with my wife and with others.

    There are times when I think maybe I am overthinking but most of the time it’s probably related to when I am high.

    I hope that I can level out and just think and not overthink and not understand.

  5. It’s an energy sucker…creates mountains out of molehills, and causes my high blood pressure….I’m working on changing the pattern, though it’s a process! Recognizing it is half the battle though

  6. I use it as a signal. If a certain subject or theme keeps coming up in my mind, sort of bugging me, then I intentionally dedicate some time to immerse myself in analysing and dissecting whatever it is. I attack it from every possible angle I can imagine, structure it, group it into relevant themes, find the logical connections, find the psychological connections, find the underlying reasons and intentions to be able to articulate what I feel and why I feel that way (if it relates to people) or to be able to describe the concept (if it doesn’t relate to people). This could take a day or a week, sometimes a month, but when I have done with it then it never creeps back.
    Sometimes it feels like building Rome, but when I reflect on it once a year (and I love January for that) it can catch me surprised the progress I made.

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