How to Love the Repetition of Life

*BEEEEP* your alarm clock abruptly rings at 6:00 am for the fifth time this week, the umpteenth time of your career. Begrudgingly, you maneuver off your mattress to make your coffee, commute to work, and whether it’s a good day or bad day at work, it doesn’t really matter. They’ve all started to fade together and you’ve realized the years have slipped through your fingertips. Welcome to your life.

Waiting for the weekends, waiting for the holidays, waiting for summer break, it can seem as if life is a series of waiting. Waiting for a raise, waiting to pay off your loan, waiting for good weather. It can all seem a bit, monotonous—you’ve been through this before. So if life is a continuous series of passing go and collecting $200 (monopoly ref), why can’t we seem to enjoy more of it?

For starters, we are constantly conditioned through social media and advertising to never be happy with what we have. If we could just have this new iPhone, headset, car, jacket, you name it, our lives would be *perfect.* Hopelessly, whenever we acquire that new thing, we go back to wanting the next new thing. With this in mind, how can we resolve what we truly desire while being happy with what we have?

The funny thing is, what if I told you that you already have everything you desire? It’s all right there in front of you. I’ll share a quote I came across on LinkedIn today:

“Your terrible job is the dream of the unemployed.

Your house is the dream of the homeless.

Your health is the dream of the ill.

Your lifestyle is the dream of somebody else.

Don’t let difficult times make you forget your blessings.”

Unknown source

Sunrises, that perfect sip of coffee, noticing someone’s genuine smile when you enter the room—there is so much beauty and opportunity in every day we can get used to taking it for granted. The goal is to enjoy each day you are given to the fullest, because you never know when it may be your last. There is no reason we can’t enjoy every day. Sure, there will be bad moments, but there is at least some good in every day. Simple pleasures are the key to enjoying the repetition of life. Don’t let your life slip away by waiting for something that may never even come. To experience joy and happiness in each day is a way to show gratitude for the gracious gift of a day you were given. Learn to love the repetition of life by enjoying small things that bring you joy every day.

With all my emphasis on simple pleasures, I am not negating hard work, which is paramount to achieve your goals. But try looking at hard work as a blessing, not as a chore. You owe it to yourself to work hard and achieve all your ambitions. I’ve realized that life is an elegant equanimity of pushing myself to be better with being content with where I am. In other words, work hard, play hard(er).

So what are some simple pleasures you do to enjoy every last ounce of life? Share them in the comments below and we can get ideas of what others do as well!

Here are some simple daily pleasures (minimum effort+minimum cost) I do throughout my week:

  • Finding a new song I love
  • Enjoying my favorite cup of peppermint tea
  • Making a homemade dinner for my family
  • Trying out new vegetarian recipes
  • Meeting a new friend
  • Eating dessert first
  • Spending a couple hours writing in a quaint cafe
  • Crushing a hard workout
  • Rock climbing a new route
  • Noticing something I’ve never noticed that I pass every day
  • Re-reading passages of my favorite book (A Little Larger Than the Entire Universe by Fernando Pessoa)
  • Finding a new book I can’t wait to read
  • Homemade pancakes on the weekend (beet pancakes are the best!)
  • Wearing my favorite outfit
  • Wearing pajamas all day
  • Daily morning vinyasa yoga practice
  • Taking artistic photos
  • Doing a face mask
  • Taking a long, hot shower
  • Going to bed early
  • Watching a show of my favorite stand-up comedian
  • Reading a book or watching a documentary about my favorite animal (wolves are the best)
  • Going on a hike to relax in nature
  • Spending quality time with my pet—a friend’s pet works too 😉
  • Catching up with my best friend
  • Watching a movie with friends and/or family

P.S. The featured photo is one of me as a little girl cerca 2000, a tribute to finding joy in the simple things, as children so naturally and so beautifully do. Namaste!

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127 thoughts on “How to Love the Repetition of Life

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  1. It is easy to forget how fortunate we are when everything we have is readily available, but if we give a thought to the less fortune we will learn to appreciate what we have and live everyday with gratitude. Loved the article and the quote.
    Stay blessed

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    1. Thanks for your inspiring comment, I can completely relate. Volunteering always helps me gain perspective, feel connected to my purpose, and appreciate life. Thanks for reading! Ellen


    1. I can imagine the joy it brings to you hearing that. I remember anxiously awaiting my parents to get home from work too and being so excited when I heard the garage door open. I try to never lose those pure, yet simple, bursts of joys kids are so great at having. Keep us young!


  2. I actually live the monotony of life. I’ve said many times that the best days are uneventful. There’s just so MUCH now. It’s exhausting. I take comfort and refuge in our routine. Routine is becoming a lost commodity. Reading the news in the morning. Our power walk around the lake on Sundays. Watching Big Bang Theory episodes for the 100th time (knowing all the dialogue and yet it’s still hilarious), my cup of chamomile tea with honey and lemon every night … too many to enumerate. All things to fall into every day and night that wash all that other STUFF away.

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    1. I completely relate to you in the aspect of so much stuff nowadays too. I feel like we are completely inundated with so much nowadays it can be hard to focus on what matters. The past 4 years of my life were filled with so many new experiences, excursions, and once-in-a-life-time opportunities I really missed the stability of a routine. Now, I feel more grounded and connected to myself after finding and thriving in a routine. I love the “monotony” of life as well! Thanks for sharing I couldn’t agree more.

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  3. Great post. We take so much for granted sometimes. all I need to do is watch any of my grandchildren smile or hear them giggle intensely to make me feel alive and well. I will never tire of the love my family has bestowed upon me. Thanks for stopping by Poemattic. I appreciate your posts.

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    1. The way children value the simple things in life is truly beautiful and something we shouldn’t let leave us with age. And reminiscing in the love of your family the greatest gift of them all. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. There are so many things we can fo to make our days fuller, a lot are even free. I really like finding a new song each day. Face masks are nice and relaxing. I tend to keep several different masks at home. I also wore my pajamas all day yesterday.

    Great post!

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    1. Hi Kristin, I totally relate with you! New music, face masks, and relaxing all day in pajamas are great ways to relax and enjoy the sweet stuff in life. Thanks for sharing some of your simple pleasures and I wish you the best! Ellen


    1. Hi Liliane, this is wonderful and I’m so glad to hear that. I’ve been trying to focus on living in the present too, but I find it difficult at times. What have you found that helps you live in the present moment? Best, Ellen


  5. Love your simple pleasures list. I think as humans we; we forget how lucky we are and who we have around us in our lives and what they mean to us. I have recently started to try and really ‘see’ people and ‘listen’ to them too.

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