Fear Setting For the Future

We are conditioned as children to circumvent taboo topics in an effort to coexist peacefully on this planet. Topics that uncover controversial ideas are not meant to be mentioned and barely even thought about. Today I’d like to introduce a subject which is bound to unveil some uncomfortable emotions, but can actually help you plan your future: Fear.

Fear fills our body to alert us of a perceived sense of danger, but fear can actually help us in more than just fight or flight instances. A relatively new exercise called fear setting actually helps us measure our fears and develop our dreams through them, not around them. It can be the perception shift you’ve been waiting for.

Fear setting basically works like this:

  • First, imagine your craziest dreams and goals. Those goals you always wanted to do, but never quite had the courage. The goals you always thought there’d be a better time for, but it’s been years without progress.
  • Next, ask yourself, “What’s the worst thing that could happen if I pursued this goal and failed?” Would my life really be over if I failed? Would things be that bad I couldn’t recover and work myself out again?
  • Lastly, work through this thought process by imagining yourself taking on this goal full-heartedly and unbeknownst to the outcome. At this point you might realize how the journey, process, and experience is actually worth more to you than the outcome itself. You will start to detach yourself from the “results” which is where the magic happens. Now you can focus solely on putting in 100% effort and get to the grind.

One of the worst feelings is realizing you’re holding yourself back. It’s more gut-wrenching than making a mistake, because at least you can learn from it and know you tried. Nothing is worse than wondering what could’ve been if you had only believed in yourself.

Stop listening to your inner critic, and start taking life by the horns!!

What are some dreams you’ve never given yourself the chance to pursue? What factors have led you to not pursing your dreams? Is it fear, lack of courage, or something else?

Or if you have gone out on a limb to chase your dreams… What is the best parcel of advice you would share with a friend who was unsure of themselves?

I hope you enjoyed this exercise and plan to make some changes in your life or share with others. Namaste!

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29 thoughts on “Fear Setting For the Future

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  1. You have the gift of witting to each reader … we all feel like you’re writing just to us…
    Or …. maybe you are writing to me …

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  2. Me at age 17. Wish; Joining the army. What’s the worst that can happen? Torture or dying. Toke it wholeheartedly and took life by the horns. Survived as one of the few (that’s how and why military pensions are so generous). Namaste.

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      1. I was the oldest of five and my parents didn’t have the money to finance further education. In fact they were looking at me to increase the family budget. The army was the only place where you could get a degree and getting paid for it. Didn’t look any further at that time: it was either that or the noisy, stinking factory. Till I reached the age of 25 my whole salary went integrally to my parents and I could only keep the bonuses I received for being stationed abroad or having put in some overtime (guard duties, etc…). Being in the army, boarding, clothes (uniforms)and food were included. I only stopped contributing when my youngest brother graduated as en engineer.

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    1. The psychology behind fear is indeed interesting, to say the least. It’s even more odd how we as a society don’t really talk about it. If you think about it on a personal level, how many of the closest people in your life actually know your biggest fear? It’s crazy to think how it’s such a taboo topic, yet it can dictate so much of our lives…

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  3. What a great idea!!! Something else that I’ve learned recently is that fear and excitement feel the exact same in our bodies. The only difference is what we choose to name it. So who says that fear can’t be excitement? Thanks for posting this!

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      1. I’ve definitely experienced it whether before a big game as an athlete, or before my most recent interview! Fear and excitement activate the same feelings in our bodies, it’s just how we interpret them that’s different!


    1. Hi Belle, thank you so much for your support and I am so honored to have written something that made a positive impact on you. Take care and never let fear stop you from achieving your goals! Best, Ellen


  4. Love this! Reminds me of a book I just read called Beginner’s Pluck by Liz Forkin Bohannon. If you haven’t read it, I think you would thoroughly enjoy it! It has a lot to do with what you’ve written. Thanks for these great thoughts!

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    1. Hi Mary, thanks so much for the book recommendation, I love when someone personally recommends me a book they think I’d love… It’s a great way to pass some of this free time I have! Thanks for reading, <3E

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