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  1. i believe it’s very different in different parts of the world. In the U.S., in my area..its gone from crazy panic, to a ghost town back to increased traffic again and business and usual in a matter of one week. I don’t even know how i feel about it from day to day. I can say i do not know anyone personally who has tested positive. I can also say being approved for testing seems very difficult, and getting results takes way longer than they tell you..so i see no “urgency” in the emergency. I am a nurse, but not in a facility though, so my views and experience are limited. My son in law had pneumonia…had a fever for almost 2 weeks and had to beg for testing. Finally his doctor sent him. The results were supposed to take 4 days…they are on day 6 of waiting ..so….i just don’t know.

  2. We’ve only had 3 reported cases here in upstate New York, in my county. We all are behaving (as far as I know). I have done a self-containment as I work in a very small office with close quarters. Hopefully will be back in another week, as it’s a little stir crazy here at home. You clean, you bake, you cook up a pot of this and a roast of that. You think of things to write about here on WordPress, and hope that you have inspired others!

    1. It is concerning. I am concerned as this goes on longer and how I will be able to feel comfortable to be out as I take immunosuppressants. Luckily I can work from home. I feel a heavy heart for those who died and those who are chronically I’ll from it. I could not imagine what they are going through.

      1. Yes I’m on an immunosuppressant as well. Part of me feels guilty about saying “you’re on your own” at work for another week, but I don’t want to risk it, either!

      2. I’m taking hydroxchloriquine and worry when it comes time for a refill I won’t be able to get it. Because American doctors are repeatedly hoarding them for possible “cure” of coronavirus. I can’t take anything else for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. This has affected everyone in so many ways it’s incomprehensible.

  3. It is concerning. I am concerned as this goes on longer and how I will be able to feel comfortable to be out as I take immunosuppressants. Luckily I can work from home. I feel a heavy heart for those who died and those who are chronically I’ll from it. I could not imagine what they are going through.

  4. Here in Georgia, USA there is a mixed feeling in my community. Our children have been out of school since March 16 and won’t return until April 16. We are all doing the self quarantine and do not want to spread this virus any further. I wish the best for all around the world.

  5. I feel for everyone who is less fortunate than we are. I feel cheated because I cannot see my children and grandchildren. I am terrified that my elders will be afflicted and I will not be able to travel to be by their side. I am scared that people will become so desperate that more crime, domestic violence, and even suicide might rise.
    But I also feel that something great is going to come out of all of this that we never expected. I am generally an optimist, a dreamer, a believer and I will not allow those horrible thoughts I just expressed to overwhelm me. I pray. I meditate. Please be well. Thank you for the question. The more people are able to talk about their feeling and what troubles them the better we will feel.

  6. It’s a lesson learnt! No matter how much money you have or how much influence you have,all you finally need is a roof to be under and family for good company and food to survive. We don’t need technology as much as we used to use, and there is no such this called being busy all time. We have all the time in the world and this has taught us that. Family matters and inner peace is required. And we need to feel what boredom actually is. This a worthy lesson at the correct time. No matter how hard life gets there is always hope and we will rise again. Be kind to nature and it will be kind to us. Nature and humans should live side by side. There is no use to see who is the bigger one because nature will always win.
    Cheers and praying for the all the families affected. We all are there for you. It’s going to be a new beginning and let’s hold hands to Iive together and love each other coz I’m in the end that’s all that matters.

  7. I feel we have all been sent to our rooms….to think about what we, as a collective group of humans have, allowed to happen. And…to continue to think about how we as a responsible group will move forward, no longer taking the Earth for granted. No longer seeing separation. Seeing the Earth as a single community, one we are all responsible for in all we say, think, and choose. Take this “time-out” and ask yourself some tough questions. Envision your life post pandemic…how will you bring more awareness, gratitude, compassion, honour, integrity, inclusiveness in your daily life. What is your part in building a Global Community, one where the honest intent is that we all thrive…together. Where we focus our intention now…is what we will create. Unplug from any fear-based rhetoric…be aware, without feeding the fear.

  8. I want people to get better and for someone to find a cure and put the world out of this misery- I sincerely do. On a tangent, I also wonder if the Universe felt that we are an overworked society and put us all on a mandatory quarantine to spend time with our families or at home and get some much needed rest. I am grateful everyday to wake up and see another day. I am also very grateful to everyone who is working to keep essential services going for us.

  9. Though the intensity of suffering differs from place to place …It is certain that whole mankind is thrilled and anxious about this pandemic which is yet another Natural disaster.Yes it is ….Hoping that we all would overcome this crisis as soon as possible with brave heart and mind.
    As of me, this is another warning bell from Mother Nature to the most notorious living beings on this planet “Human beings” to behave themselves in a dignified way.I got this sparkling thought once I witnessed in news that the Nature is recreating and replenishing itself as the Humans are asked to stay at home in lock down in order to protect themselves from the spread of virus.Here in India It is evident as the busy places are turned calm and serene which is going free of pollution though not in a large scale but made an impact in a meaningful way.Also curfew is making folks to self realise that our Mother Earth is a priceless possession which is taken for granted……#curfewdays
    So stay home stay safe stay tuned to live in a harmonious way with Nature.

  10. I believe the unpopular point of view. It’s OK that our opinions differ because this trial is uniting us like nothing I’ve seen before.

  11. Well for starters, I feel very constrained. As an introvert, staying indoors was always a choice but now it’s compulsory, I feel my reverse psychology kicking in. Also, maybe it’s because now I have to spend time indoors with extroverts but I feel drained since I’m unable to spend some quality time with myself. But most importantly I’m very concerned for the world and for everyone I know and don’t know. I hope things get better but in real sense nothing will actually go back to how it was

  12. I think this whole experience has made me realize not to take my health for granted and to take even more care of it. Staying at home has, in fact, made me more motivated to exercise and workout more (whether by weights or the elliptical machine), eat more healthy, take the necessary vitamins etc. I am also practicing more gratitude and making an effort to remind and count all my blessings which includes being safe at home with my family.

  13. I live in Australia where our idiot Crime Minister is a Pentecostal, happy-clappy Hillsong zombie who believes in The Rapture and clearly thinks Covid-19 was sent to us as a form of natural selection. He was warned about China months ago and was advised by health experts to start preparing for this but ignored it. He was also warned about the severity of the bushfire season and ignored it, buggering off to Hawaii with his family. I did not vote for this man or his party so I am increasingly worried about the direction we’re headed in as a nation where wealth and austerity are the be-all and end-all. He pretends to care but has no clue what the rest of us are going through.

    On a personal note, I have had a cold for the past week with a sore throat and coughing but no fever, and it seems to be going away with help from cold and flu tablets. Many have not been so lucky. I am self-isolating as best I can, only going out for the essentials (shopping, the occasional doctor’s appointment) and it seems most people are doing the same as the streets in our town are virtually empty. We’re not on total lockdown atm but stage two restrictions have been put in place, and they’re confusing everyone. Such is life under a moron who says one thing and does another. Thinking this is going to get worse before it gets better.

  14. I’m over it and it’s barely begun here in Australia. I’m concerned about mental health; anxious about how long it will last; fearful of how it will change our way of living once it’s over… I mean will it ever really be over?

  15. Very sad and surreal it’s happening. But very thankful That my loved ones are ok! It’s also inspiring to see how people around the world are mobilizing to support each other. On the flip side, very angry at how conservative politicians are downplaying the severity of this and putting money over human lives.

  16. Well, I feel a strange combination of frustrated/energized. I’ve been wanting to embark on a different career and since none of my clients can see me, I’ve started down the road to that new career. On the other hand, I feel a little claustrophobic, odd for me because I like to be alone when I’m not working. I also feel like perhaps there are a ton of hidden lessons in this situation for America and for us as individuals.

  17. Thank you for sharing!.. well let’s see, I could venture out and get shot, there is climate change that will impact my life, there are closed minded ideologies that could have a impact on my life not to mention any possible health issues that may develop with the aging process, etc, etc, soooooooooo, this virus thingy is just another one of life’s challenges I must deal with if I wish to live life… 🙂

    “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”. (Author Unknown)… 🙂

  18. I pause each morning as I see numbers and think about family’s with members passing alone. I try to do my best each day to not get or pass this on. I live each day to the fullest because several health challenges taught me that long ago. I knew society and healthcare and the economy were fragile things. Learn, adapt, love and stay healthy. Much respect to those on the front lines taking care of so many with so little. Respect to those in the communities and businesses stepping up and above for neighbors, family and friends. Be generous if you are fortunate. Be supportive if you are strong. Be there for each other. I think this is going to be a long fight. Good leaders emerge from situations like this. Or at least I hope they are on their way.

  19. It’s made me feel very emotional. At the beginning I was scared, sad, anxious. Sometimes I still am. But now I’m angry…like I still want to live life to the fullest…there’s still so much I want to experience, & I don’t want this virus to stop those dreams, to have a negative impact on my life or my loved ones..who does, right?

  20. I’m concerned for all the worlds people. I have hope that the tide will swing and numbers decline. However this takes everyone’s cooperation, and many aren’t actively participating with the precautions. Here in the US our numbers are rising daily, due to trump calling it a hoax and only 3 weeks ago acknowledging its a problem. I’ll stop there for I could get on the proverbial soap box and rant. Nope. On a personal level I have quarantined myself for 4 weeks now began my 5th today. I have COPD and can’t chance being infected. I live on a mountain top in TN no near neighbors. In this I consider myself fortunate, that I have no limits on how far and wide I can roam outside. I have been to the small local market for some supplies, taking all the precautions. Since the weather has stabilized I can begin my gardening and planting. Lucky I bought seeds before all this happened. There have not been any outbreaks in our county, but not true in the next one with a much larger population and a military base. So I’m okay I miss my trips to town, however the internet has much to offer free museum tours, free books etc etc. To whoever might be reading this, take precautions, be safe, be hopeful. Sending out positive vibes and love ❤️

  21. it’s kind of frustrating…. you can’t go outside to enjoy your free day or get to hang out with friends due to the lockdown … but we have to cooperate as one to fight the virus or prevent it from spreading further. we have to comply.

  22. I believe it is a wake up call for the human race and for us to take a serious look at the way we live our lives conforming to the patterns of this world. To be honest I am loving the time, I am concerned for those who are fearful and whose health is at risk but I was concerned for them before this.
    I am now getting to spend good quality time at home with my family being the husband and father I believe I should be. This time is also cementing in my HEART the condition of it and what it believes and removing some of the lies I was believing to be true. I believe I am becoming the person I was meant to be. My hope and prayer is for this pandemic to be soon over but for the lessons that have been learned to become second nature and our global community to come together as one united whole.

  23. …effectively, the display, nearly everywhere though not by nearly everyone, of relative scarcity by political (broadly taken) leaders at…almost all levels beyond the personal. Though that is predictable in neoliberal culture, still… rather surprising to see. Nationally, internationally, regionally, locally. And implies how quickly we might indeed disappear, and how quickly – given the speed in which other species re-occupy spaces – that might be a sweet, aesthetically, removal….

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    A new friend and blog I have visited and I have to say…Great idea to pose a question about this pandemic and give people a way to share their concerns, fears, or adjusting the way we need to live to help out others and WE TOO don’t get the virus …Share your thoughts!!

  25. First I have to say I am a new fan that found your amazing blog!!

    Thanks for stopping by my Book Blog! I live in Arizona, USA and we have yet to be hit hard, but we know it is coming.

    My thoughts are our ridiculous President should have had a CALL TO ACTION weeks ago! Not much has changed in my home as I am a writer and author, so I work from home. However, we are not going out much except for essential things. If you dwell just this pandemic and do nothing else?

    You are just making your own fear and anxiety. I also maintain recovery from addiction and know about …we can not control “People, Places, or Things.”

    Stay relaxed, stay safe, and Blessed 💞✝💖

  26. We brought this upon ourselves. I feel for those who will struggle financially and to keep their families afloat…to keep food on the table. Family time and slowing down is a good thing but just hope mentality the global community see this through.

  27. “This is the paradigm of all time”. We are all collectively coming together as united soldiers in the battle if life. Pretty close to what world peace would be if you think about it.

  28. I don’t feel good about the people who are dying out there in the world… But we all need go be very strong mentally and being positive about soon recovery from this pandemic… We must follow the rules and government guidelines to protect our family and nation… We can utilize this time for family bonding and self development…. Eat homemade fresh food for health, lets do meditation and yoga for peace of mind and enjoy family time for lovely heart… Pray for safety of everyone in the world and be hopeful for happy future…

  29. Trying to muddle through like everyone else. I have a dull sense of anxiety about the future, but also positivism because history could go any way from here. Referencing the past at this point would be like driving via the rear view mirror. Making the best of the time at home with family, while tackling lots of the undone things from the back brain list that is overshadowed in busier times.

  30. Without the distractions of every day life, honestly is a battle every day to stay motivated. This in turn causes more problems for me because I know I shouldn’t rely on external factors for happiness, I must first be happy with myself. I thougtht I was, and now having so much time to myself and really every days fulfillment reliant almost solely on my own actions is scary because I definitely feel a lack of fulfillment. But I’m also not sure if I can compare pre-pandemic life to my life now, just because I’m not happy now doesn’t mean I wasn’t genuinely happy before. Maybe it’s showing us how extremely dependent we are on social interactions…. These are just some daily battles going on inside of my head. At the end of this all hopefully we’ve all taken something positive from it.

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    I feel as tho people are just getting a taste of what nature has to offer. These are definitely the early signs of something to come if we done start thinking consciously about the decisions we make.

  32. Well, Greek officials told us that they registered all deaths as covid deaths so I dont really know what’s happening. When this becomes a movie we might get an idea😞

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