4 Steps of Strategic Planning for Greatness

You must have read so many times that winning is not just luck; it is a habit, a lifestyle! So in this article I will try to sum up 4 Steps of Strategic Planning to win at life. Of course luck plays a part in success too but then I would like to believe that luck favors the prepared!

4 Steps of Strategic Planning To Win
4 Steps of Strategic Planning for Greatness

Since I never preach what I do not practice myself, rest assured that these steps have been personally tried and tested. The good thing is that if you repeat these consistently overtime, they become a routine. You will no longer have to make an effort to follow because they will become a natural part of your everyday life.

Just like when you drive overtime you do not have to look at the gear box every time to change gears or glance down to where the brake and accelerator pedal is like you used to do when you were learning how to drive.

1- Be mindful of your thoughts:

Never let your thoughts run unmonitored. Think about what you think, be aware. In fact try this out, whenever you have a negative thought, stomp on the ground! While you stomp, imagine you are stomping an ant which is actually the negative thought. ANTs are Automatic Negative Thoughts – like, “I’m not smart enough” or, “I have a bad memory.” 

I learnt this from one of the podcasts of Jim Kwik. You can read more about other powerful techniques here: https://jimkwik.com/kwik-brain-003/

2- Replace EVERY negative thought with a positive one:

For example- “I am worthless”

Replace this with “I am not as bad as I think about myself. I have a great personality, have had a great education, have a supportive family and many blessings that I discard. Maybe I am lost at the moment but I will figure it all out in due time.

No matter how much we deny, there is always something positive going on our in life that we don’t give much attention to. However once we start being mindful of our thoughts, these positive things become more apparent and we are then able to address them appropriately.

3- Add to your existing bucket of knowledge:

This can be done by reading a book, watching motivational videos or even following someone who was stuck in a similar situation but eventually got out of it. Having a mentor can help you immensely because this is someone who has already achieved what you strive to achieve.

There are various new avenues of learning that I have come across overtime. I remember when I started listening to podcasts, it was like utilizing the same time in a day that was previously being spent in a non-productive activity. Ideally I would listen to them during commute or at night when I could not sleep.

4- Take action:

Even if it is the smallest of actions. This includes making your bed in the morning, having a glass of water when you wake up, taking a shower regularly, going out for a walk/jog, working out, going out for coffee. Does not matter if it’s a small action but what’s important is you need to be consistent. You need to do it EVERYDAY.

To quote Robin Sharma: “The smallest of actions is always better than the noblest of intentions”


Following these steps in the beginning might seem to be forceful but if you do it enough times everyday it will eventually become a part of your being. I would like to share one of the most beautiful quotes by Robin Sharma to perfectly sum it up: “All change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and so gorgeous at the end.”

I wrote another article jotting down some mantras for self love which also assist us in winning at life: https://reasonstolivefor.com/mantras-for-self-love/

Do let me in comments below about your 4 Steps of Strategic Planning to win at life! 😊

19 thoughts on “4 Steps of Strategic Planning for Greatness

  1. A lovely reminder of good positive habits. For me, number 2 is the one I’ve tried my best to embody as I’m often my biggest critic. It reminds me of an exercise I did reading a Marianne Cantwell book where I had to write down my biggest weaknesses and then was guided towards turning them into strengths.

    For example, “I overthink and can never make a decision” became “I want the best result for everyone and will explore every available avenue to make that happen.”

    I think appreciating the positive attributes of things you tend to class as negative is such an important mental shift.

  2. The last one, take action, is the most important one. Lots of people have ambitious goals in life but fail to divide them in small feasible portions. Instead they want to do it all at once in an impossible short time-frame. Fail, get discouraged, abandon and return to the drudgery of their daily routine. Till another “marvelous” idea strikes them and … repeat.

  3. Thank you for sharing your knowledge ☺️✨ (and yes, this definitely works!!! And the awareness behind the steps you take does end up becoming the lifestyle you’ve been taught was impossible to have) 👏👏👏

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