Making Your Bed In The Morning — Fascinating!

I cannot stress enough on the importance of Making Your Bed In The Morning. It’s is a new habit that I learned which has made a positive impact in my life. I make my bed the minute I am up. Not just in the morning but whatever time of the day I sleep.

Making Your Bed In The Morning
Making Your Bed In The Morning

Previously this used to seem like a hassle and I would leave it as it is upto a week till it looked like an inmate had been sleeping in it. Here is why making my bed makes me feel good:

1. Whenever I enter my room and have a look at it, it feels like an accomplishment. I see a tidy bed and I know I did it which makes me proud. The feeling that “I did it” is much more impactful than you can imagine. Even if it is the smallest of things.

2. When my bed is made, I try not to lie down on it because it looks so nice that I don’t want to spoil it. This helps those with depression especially because they should only be in bed when they want to sleep.

3. The best feeling is when I am back home from work. I am exhausted at the time but as soon as I enter my room my face lights up. This is not happening much ever since I have been working from home but otherwise it would be an instant mood lifter!

Conclusion on Making Your Bed In The Morning
I know there has been a lot of negativity and noise all around in this corona frenzy. Some days, if my only achievement of the day is that I have made my bed in the morning, I consider it to be good enough. Robin Sharma says that small changes made overtime can transform us in amazing ways. So start with this small change and see how it makes your day much better overtime. It may seem forced at first but like all good things, it will benefit if you stick with it long enough.

There is a very powerful speech by William McRaven, US Navy Admiral on changing the world by making your bed, you might want to check it out: If You Want to Change the World, Start Off by Making Your Bed

Apart from my morning routine, I have shared my routine ever since I have been working from home, head over to read about it: Healthy work from home 101

Do share in comments if you share this habit and if it makes you feel good? 😊

97 thoughts on “Making Your Bed In The Morning — Fascinating!

  1. “De gustibus non est disputandum.” If it makes you feel good and doesn’t harm or coerce anyone, then more power to you. We all have things that brighten our lives, as we should.

  2. Making the bed in the morning means a lot to me. It’s like starting a new day the right way. But sometimes I could walk out my room with everything in disarray to remind myself that life isn’t always perfect. 😀😀

  3. Agreed. Ensuring we do something positive for ourselves each day helps keep us from slipping into the nether regions of isolation insanity. I too make the bed…and ensure dishes are done, I get some exercise and spend some time outdoors each day. Stay well.
    Peace, Health and Harmony

  4. I have long tried to make my bed in the morning because I didn’t want “day air” on my sheets. It is a good habit to get into for a variety of reasons. And it is even more important since I read McRaven’s book.

      1. I loved reading every bit of it. I haven’t read the other posts. But I’ll be sure to check it out!

  5. Couldn’t agree more. I make my bed every morning first thing. It feels like second nature to me now. I believe making your bed, wearing your best clothes, using your finest cutlery – all these small things say something – they are ways of telling yourself to show up for today. To treat today as the most important day of your life, because it is. Today is always the most important day of your life. Tell yourself that by making your bed. Then remind yourself of what you achieved when you come back to it at night! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I always do this and agree totally. However I have developed a bad habit of sneaking back into bed a couple of hours later. I’m telling myself that if i get up and dressed and make the bed, I can get back in afterwards. Maybe if I make it look super tidy I won’t want to get back in! I’m trying this today! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. This reminds me of the book ‘ ‘The Power of Habit’ and how only changing one tiny thing (that may seem useless to us) can make all the difference.
    So I wanna say, congratulations on this tiny yet essential achievement.
    I am trying to make this thing my habit too.
    Sometimes when one’s at the edge, such things can change one’s perspective entirely.

  8. Excellent idea. It is so real. When we come home to a clean house after vacation, it feels like a wonderful ending to the vacation.
    Thanks for sharing 😊

  9. It is an astoundingly simple technique that recharges me as well. There have been so many instances when I have stressed the importance of this to my better half, who has no problem with unkempt bed. I will definitely make him read this.

  10. I like this. For me it is getting dressed. I have fibromyalgia and sometimes go back to bed 3 or 4 times a day. Sometimes I barely get out. But when I get up I must get dressed. If I don’t get dressed, you know it is a horrible, and I do mean that with emphasis, day. But when I get dressed I feel more, I guess normal. I can at least do that, even if I can’t do anything else all day, I got dressed, I did in fact face that day. Anyway, love this post.

  11. Yes!!! I’ve been experiencing the same thing. Total game changer at home. Making my bed first thing in the morning, helps me bring intention to my day. But most importantly, it fires me to work out! My workout equipment is in my bedroom (it’s a big space, lol) and something about the bed being done, is motivating. Thank you for this post! Glad to hear others are having similar experiences. 😊

  12. I have never made my bed, drums from childhood abuse and survival but something hit a cord

    It does not look good and the time needed to make the bed

    I am embarrassed

  13. HI there, this is a good and insightful post. Making the bed in the morning is a great routine and I believe that it sets the mind up for the day ahead.

  14. i love this. it’s so relatable and also helps us take a moment to appreciate the little triumphs of our daily life. it’s so important, thank you. 🙏🏽

  15. Growing up as an Indian kid I have this habit since I was a kid and as we slept on the floor making a large bed for all members of the family it was mandatory to fold up the beds and blankets used.

    Shifting to a new house, getting a room of own cleaning up bed became an option. But I made sure “making my bed” a routine just like we brush our teeth every morning. It’s been 7 years now I make my bed right after I get out of it (I hope you use this hack). And it still gives me the joy of self-discipline!

    I believe our bed, our bedrooms are a reflection of our MIND CONDITION. Most of the time you start cleaning your messing room when you are in a good mood.

  16. I have always made my bed since I was a little girl. It was strange to find out that not everybody does it, it’s literally like second nature to me. Good post!

  17. I like this, I always make my bed since I was kid and still doing it. It really bring the positivity to your morning and of course feel relieve because no more messy bed 😊

  18. Definitely! I make mine every morning too. I also always empty the DW first thing in the morning so dirty dishes can go in it and not in the sink. Nothing worse than a sink full of dishes!

  19. So basic and yet so impactful.
    Loved the way how you connected the dots btw appreciating the little things we do in our life and making our bed every morning.Since I made my bed every day,Feeling like an achiever though😌😊

  20. I’ve had this habit since I was a kid. It was forced on my by my mom. I wasn’t allowed to go out and play until my bed was made and my room tidied up. Unlike you though, I let my sheets breathe until I’m ready to take my shower, a mere hour while I have my first cup of coffee.

  21. Yes! Having my bed made as soon as I get up really does help create mental order and peacefulness both in my physical surroundings and therefore on the inside of me too. Great post!

  22. Thank you for the article! Making your bed is surely an act of discipline and therefore of self-love. With making your bed in the morning, you lay the fundament for a more structured day. Life is never longer than a day, which makes it always worthwhile.

  23. Start with the small things, and little by little, they will add up to be big things. Writing a book starts with one word. A journey starts with one step. A good day can start with the simple act of making our bed and seeing it as a win.

    Making my bed as soon as I get up is something I started doing consistently over the past two years and it really does make a difference. Thank you for sharing your words. 🙂

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