Billy Osogo :

Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles delivered one of the most beautiful pieces of art when they wrote Ikigai.

Ikigai is a Japanese word that put simply translates to:

“The happiness of always being busy.”

The authors write on a broad spectrum of Japanese life. One of the things that’s stuck with me is what they wrote regarding art:

Art, in all its forms, is an ikigai that can bring happiness and purpose to our days. Enjoying or creating beauty is free, and something all human beings have access to.”

My favorite forms of art are manifested in the written or spoken word. Books, music, poetry and everything in between!

Tell me, what’s your favorite form of art to indulge/create/consume?

What’s art got to do with it?

39 thoughts on “WHAT’S ART GOT TO DO WITH IT?

Add yours

  1. I love writing ofcourse. And the main thing I like about it is the fact that I can give voice to inanimate things like recently I posted a piece on the diary of the moon. So do check it out!

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    1. Hey Nidhi!

      Ah, yes. The inimitable ability that art gives us to create! To breath life into the breathless! Fantastic!

      Wonderful piece too!

      Thank you for making time 😊

      Stay safe!


  2. My Abba’s Art He brushes across the heavens in each sunrise and sunset; creation’s wonders displayed in glowing Aurora borealis sky dances; uncharted forests filled with wild fauna and floral blooms; and His image seen in each face of those I share this planet with.

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  3. I love adding new words to my life πŸ’œ I love finding art, beauty and connection in everything. Nature, music, dance, books, movies. I also love creating food art, paintings, drawings, writings, sculptures, mixed media, and taking photographs πŸ™‚

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  4. Music. I love the way people can find connection listening to a song, and the emotions that can be borne out of that. In another life I might have pursued music more wholeheartedly – or maybe a little later in this one. 😊

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  5. Tattoos are more popular than ever. Tattooing is simply a way or art on the body. I chose this career because I love art work. Most people don’t wax their sensitive body parts or get any tattoos because of pain. It is time to say goodbye to your fear of pain because of brazilian wax numbing spray. We used it in multiple skin procedures for pain removal.

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