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I ponder endlessly on writing. As an art, there’s so much to it that even those we look up to as its masters seem to be just scratching the surface.

I recently came across an excerpt by Kenyan writer Bivanyanga Wainana. In his book, One Day I Will Write About this Place he says:

"It often feels like an unbearable privilege to write. I make a living from simply taking all those wonderful and horrible patterns in my past and making them new and strong."

It got me thinking about where I get inspiration for my writing. Part of it is inevitably from nature. Part of it is from the tapestry of culture. Kenya is richly endowed in both.

Where do you get your writing inspiration from? How do you come up with ideas?

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  1. Since my genre is Personal Development, I write about the things which move me and which motivate me. I know that I can’t be all things for all people, so I’m not trying to be. I believe that if we write about what we connect with deeply that others who relate to the same things will find us and understand us.

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      1. Seems so basic right?! Kind of a spin on β€œwrite what you know about”!


  2. Nature and everything in it. Mostly, experiences related to teaching, and anything that deeply resides in the heart….it all finds an easy way with words. Writing is a blessing, indeed. It’s a beautiful process.

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  3. Lovely post and like the quote πŸ‘… I’m with you on getting inspiration from nature! It’s amazing how a walk can unearth ideas. Also, it tends to come at random times as well; and have to jot it down there and then 😊

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  4. Have to scratch that toughened layer of doubt and vulnerability to dive down deep into an abyss of thoughts, feelings, ideas, and experiences. This is where the words come from. At first, scattered and then with some structure, revealing what lies within but in the garb of one’s surroundings. All the world may be a stage and people actors, but without stories to enact, it’s just a pointless gathering.
    Wish you a happy writing journey. πŸ™‚

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  5. Just the human condition in general and all the emotions that come with it. I feel like I accomplished my goal when people relate and my favorite thing is when they tell me about what’s going in their own lives the comment section.

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  6. The thoughts come. Sentences often follow. I’ll see something and suddenly, I’m writing introductions in my head. I lose many as I often don’t take the time to transfer them to some form of literary storage (a handy notebook or an app).

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  7. Enjoyed the post.
    My inspiration comes from my mother, everyday life, my life lived on three continents and the people I met, nature, a casual remark by someone, a kind gesture and people with empathy, my students…..
    An idea germinates…then the words just tumble out fighting each other for space…. and sentences start appearing in a frenzy!

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  8. Nature, the quiet and the everyday mundane theatrical moments of life. And then there’s the shared observation of Bob Dylan – the lyrics are there and it’s just a matter of noticing them and then transcribing them. Thank you for asking AB. Ari

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  9. I get inspirations from my emotions, experiences (mine or other’s), people’s behavior, society, daily life, any kind of sounds (music or nature sounds) etc. Sometimes I feel like I have too much ideas. Another day I might have writer’s block.
    Thank you for sharing, A.B. Have a great day πŸ™‚

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  10. Nice article πŸ₯° I usually get my inspiration from talking to random people I meet and to some of my friends. I think having a conversation sparks up random ideas as well and emotions too πŸ™‚

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  11. My inspiration comes from people surrounding me. even strangers u know! And places and mindless thinking at night sparks many ideas as well. as well as observing. it is very important to observe( apart from personal emotions that is.)

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  12. My inspiration comes from the people I love, broken relationships of the past, nature, observing my surroundings,movies,novels,various quotations that I read and the artists I follow on various socail media platforms. But the major part comes from love and friendship, the sad zone of a relationship gives me the motivation to write because it hurts so much that I always find my peace in writing

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  13. The realm itself. I trust that the joy I get from stories that sing and zing is reflected in the pages of my blog
    And I trust that readers will use what they learn here to get the same kind of satisfaction for themselves

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  14. Oh thanks for that post. I’m argentinian woman! It’s so entertain read your texts in my mornings. I don’t speak to much english but I’m enjoy read your blog and it’s a big practice to learn for me. Kiss

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