Question of the Day: No. 539

Here’s a fun question for a Friday afternoon:

If someone wrote a book about your life, what would the title be and why?

Top marks for the best one.

As a pilot, one who has struggled with both depression and anxiety, I would call mine Clear Air Turbulence. In case you were wondering, it’s an aviation term defined as “the turbulent movement of air masses in the absence of any visual clues.”

I felt it was an apt metaphor for my life.

I look forward to hearing yours.


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142 thoughts on “Question of the Day: No. 539

Add yours

    1. Hopefully the ending lands with a yes. Then it could be, “no, no, no no, no… no no, no, no no no, nope, no… yes! The end”. I think I just wrote the book for you 😂

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  1. Infinite Toddlers. I feel like my entire life, regardless of situation or circumstance, has been a series of trying to answer everyones questions of ‘Why?’, including my own. Toddlers are very good at asking this pretty much constantly, and never sit still long enough to hear the answer, bless ’em. 😀

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    1. Love it! Aptly describes people’s resistance to growing up. Could also be called, “Curiosity Killed The Child” – a story about a parent who couldn’t take it any longer 😂

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      1. Sounds a tad telling, AP! Time for a date night, Methinks. Nothing nicer than having a babysitter you can trust and a night out with your honey. I kinda liked it when my todds would beleaguer me with questions. I’d help them go find out. The culmination of this slackass attitude though, was when my 9 year old girl wanted to know ‘where babies came from’. Ok, here we go, right? Two hours later, after the most intense and specific interrogation imaginable, she had all the information she wanted, and I could barely open too small of a wine bottle to deal with that one, shaking with stress and exhaustion. Whew! The Ultimate Why. Good luck there!! 😀 It was fantastic though.

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      2. I kid (ha) of course. There are few things greater than learning to look at the world through the eyes of your children. They remind you what awe and wonder feel like.

        I think that Why and also the conversation about mortality are the two conversations I dread the most.

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  2. ‘She Wrote to Freedom’
    That’s what it would be.
    I write and write and write and write…and it has liberated me from the sadness, remorse, and overwhelming despair.
    It’s a gift that I didn’t know I had, but when I began putting it to use, I realized I had to work on it day and night. It gave me the support I needed. Without it, I wouldn’t be here today. And I mean literally. God knows which way life could’ve gone. But it didn’t and I don’t care to think about it now.
    Thanks for this creative question. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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  3. I guess it would be ‘LUDO’.

    Actually its a game of four players.
    It also depcits four completely different sides and parts. Its a game where each fours parts/players build up strategies and work on, followed by all the confusions, fights, luck & victory. But all the four players or parts leads to the same direction at the end which we call ‘home’.

    Just like life, isn’t it? The four side perhaps depicts the four seasons of life. But the destination is same.

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  4. Wishing on her scars~

    The story of a girl with lots of faults and lots of scars but she never threw herself away or gave up on herself. Lots of people left to the extent that she felt she had no one else to rely on except her imperfect self. She couldn’t find any stars to wish on, so she wished on her scars

    Inspired by: BTS

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  5. Clear air turbulence is a BEAUTIFUL title!
    What an interesting question! Definitely Worth thinking. I see people coming up with beautiful titles and I have no idea what to say…
    I guess,
    Painting life on an empty canvas
    (But don’t we all?)
    Pastels of a lost soul- The journey of self-discovery
    Lost and found 😀
    Yeah, that’s it. Very basic. 😅

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      1. Oh definitely. I think it’s easier to name a project when it’s near complete, rather than trying to do so in the middle of it.

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  6. Clear Air Turbulence is pretty good. I appreciate you providing the definition of the aviation term because that really explains it. Mine would be “She Died Trying” because I hope that whenever I die, I’m still up for trying things to forge my path whether or not I am succeeding or just continuing to learn.

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    1. It’s a personal title for sure – I guess many people wouldn’t get it so perhaps not going to be a best seller 😂. She died trying is more relatable. We never stop learning do we? I guess if we do, then we are already dead. Thank you for sharing 🙏


    1. I’ll be sure to have a look. It sounds like you have had to cope with some very difficult challenges in this life. Thank you for sharing. I wish you the very best 🙏

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  7. Mine would be – The Importance Of Difficulties In Life & The Wonders Of Hope.
    It would be a journey of oscillations in my timeline of life yet. The learnings throughout the way and accomplishments yet to happen. 🙂 I want it to be inspiring while displaying all the vulnerabilities. It would be an inlet I’m not yet sure i would agree to😅
    But i hope I answered on my part. 🙂

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  8. Beautifully scarred- as a cancer survivor an being told I’d never be able to have more children, I’m living proof that doctors aren’t always accurate. I was told that my chemo treatments would make it impossible to have kids again, I’m now the proud mother of a 4 month old boy. With scars on my chest to show my fight- I’m a new believer in miracles can an will happen.

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  9. Mine would probably be called Wild Wanderer. I’ve spent a lot of my few days wandering from one idea, place, decision, mindset to another. Never really settling, so the title seems appropriate.

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