Billy Osogo

Pointless Overthinking’s byline is: Understanding ourselves and the world we live in.

Such an apt encapsulation of my experience here so far. One of the things I enjoy the most from being part of the Pointless Overthinking tribe is the richness of wisdom that manifests itself in our comment sections. It’s mind blowing!

Two weeks ago, I wrote an article titled Writing Springs. I asked our loyal readers where they get their writing inspiration from. I accumulated a treasure trove of advice from the comment section. Here are a few:

1. Emotions and Past Experiences

My emotions and past experiences. I get inspiration from the things I can’t say outloud but can get away with by writing. I get inspiration from the desire to release.” – Njoki Mburu

2. Conversations

“I usually get my inspiration from talking to random people I meet and some of my friends. I think having a random conversation sparks up random ideas as well as emotions too.” – Improbable Roads

3. Nature and Bob Dylan

“Nature, the quiet and the everyday mundane theatrical moments of life. And then there’s the shared observation of Bob Dylan — the lyrics are there and it’s just a matter of noticing them and then transcribing them.”- Ari Joshua Bouse.

4. The Abyss of thoughts, ideas and experiences

Have to scratch that toughened layer of doubt and vulnerability to dive down deep into an abyss of thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences. This is where the words come from. At first, scattered and then with some structure, revealing what lies within but in the garb’s of one’s surroundings. All the world may be a stage and people actors, but without stories to enact, it’s just a pointless gathering. “-Terveen Gill

(* drops mic!)


Add yours

  1. Thank you so much, Billy for sharing these reflections. I’m honored to be a part of them. Whenever the topic is about writing, it stirs something deep inside me. Makes me want to contribute what little or a lot I have learnt. The journey has been a long one and will fortunately continue.
    May the writing community benefit from one another’s experiences.
    Thank you once again. 🙂

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  2. I used to overthink so much and I do to an extent now depending on the situation. This post sums up what you should focus on. I also think that with overthinking, the best way is to ground yourself. Think of the worst case scenario and the best one. Still, that’s cool that you got these steps from different comments.

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  3. Wow….
    Those are very pretty ideas. Powerful too.
    I resonate most with the first one; emotions.
    I let out my feelings about things through writing. It feels so wonderful to express myself through writing😊

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