Question of the Day:  Number 546

For a little more than a week now, I’ve been suffering from a strange malaise.  I’ve been tired, unfocused, and even stressed.  I almost never have writer’s block, but I’ve got it now.  I guess you could say I’ve slipped into a strange sort of funk.  What should I do?

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25 thoughts on “Question of the Day:  Number 546

  1. Hi Troy, sorry to hear that. I would let it go, namely I would not try to find a reason why you are in that strange health and psychological condition. You could also practise some meditation, it helps to release stress, I believe that is some days it will go away. Take care!

    1. Thanks, Cristiana. This particular period is very disturbing because I don’t often have periods like this. It’s like I’m having to force myself to do anything. Some wise part of me is likely telling me to slow down, to unplug, but there are things to do. I do believe you’re right. Some of these types of feelings are simply inexplicable. I do think this will pass of its own accord. Thanks for the advice and concern.

  2. My suggestion is to do something that you love and forget about writing for a little while. Concentrate on enjoying the sunshine and look at some beautiful sunsets or sunrises, fall in love with flowers, sit and watch a stream meander through the woods. Your mind will rest and all of a sudden your mind will start writing.

    1. I nearly called in “sick” to work today. I do believe that my whole work life is leaving considerably frustrated. I spent most of my entire career doing work which allowed me to come and go. Now, I’m more of an 9-to-5 working Joe, and my mind, body, and spirit are bucking against such a work situation. It’s hard to spend time enjoying the sunshine, when someone else owns your time. This is likely only part of my problem but it’s definitely contributing to my funk. Thanks for the wise advice.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check out the book. In this case, I think the writer’s block is more a symptom than it is a cause. A deeper dissatisfaction is at play. Thanks, Vic.

      1. The book provides tools that can be used at a much deeper level. That’s why when you go into a Barnes & Noble, the clerk will know where the book is without looking and how many copies they have. It’s been through more editions than I can remember.

  3. Hey Troy! Sorry about that.. I’ve been here a lot of times and everytime some new remedy works. Take some days off from everything. Just shut every thing down for a couple of days. And take a deep breath and relax (atleast try to). Break your pattern for a few days

    1. You’ve sent such good advice, and I’m really thankful. My current life (especially my work life) so often forces me into ruts and such. Patterned living is such a pitfall. Again, thanks so much!

    1. Hi. Yes, I’ve been trying to learn from this. But I’ve also been facing a little internal conflict. A part of me wants to just shutdown for a time, but then there’s that part of me that says, “Push through it! Don’t give in!” When I was a younger person, I likely would have been more prone to take the latter approach. Now that I’m older, I’m more inclined to take the former. So, let’s see. Cristiana was also almost certainly right. The cause is unknowable and that it will eventually pass on its own. But I don’t often get knocked down like this so it was a bit surprising and disconcerting. Thanks for the advice and concern. I hope things are going well for you.

  4. A malaise not a stranger to most of us Troy, with a somewhat evasive solution unique to each of us. Mine is, “The mountains are calling and I must go.”

    Take heart . . .you’ll be back putting pen to paper (keypad to screen) soon to inspire, encourage and challenge all of us soon.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words. The writer’s block wasn’t even the worst of it. I was down–maybe even slightly depressed. (I’ve never actually been clinically depressed in my life so the sensation is not one I’m accustomed to.) I guess it was the suddenness of the onset of the malaise that also got me. I’m working my way through it. I can be a pretty stubborn person when stubbornness is needed.

  5. Set a timer for twenty minutes and write for that amount of time, doesn’t matter what, even if it’s just blah blah blah. This way, you can say you accomplished work for the day and helps keep you in the game until you feel motivated again.

    1. Hi. Thanks for the advice. The writer’s block was more a symptom than a cause. The cause was the generalized feeling of lethargy and maybe even something akin to depression. I have started writing again and so that’s starting to work again. Thanks for the advice. It’s definitely been an odd and disconcerting period.

  6. Walk away for a bit. Go do something else you enjoy. Read, walk-sometimes our brains need to recharge. And I know that while we tell ourselves there’s no time for that (I’m guilty) our bodies will start to fall apart if we don’t listen. Most of those things aren’t going anywhere. ❤️

    1. Thank you for giving such wise advice. I’m actually moving through this period a bit cautiously. There was a period in my life–when I was much younger–when I had a pretty driven personality. I ended up learning the hard way that we can only push ourselves just so far. I truly appreciate your kind and wise post.

  7. I feel your pain?

    I think last month I wrote two blog posts. This month there are two posts so far, though one was a share from another blog.

    There has just been no enthusiasm for writing. Life has been either too busy to write or too inactive to write anything about.

    1. And I feel your pain, Fred.

      I my case, the writer’s block was the symptom and not the cause of my malaise. I just felt drained (even a touch hopeless).

      This was a difficult period for me because I’m generally a self-starter and something of an optimist (though I wouldn’t call myself giddily so).

      I think things are slowly turning around for me though. How about you? What’s going on?

  8. I am generally a very happy person, but I recently went through a very stressful time…a multitude of expensive and annoying home repairs, various health issues in our family, and just generally an overwhelming time. The joy left me. I had trouble sleeping and certainly didn’t feel up to writing.

    We worked our way through as much of the to-do list as we could, and after a few weeks of rest, the joy and the inspiration to write returned. Though we still have a couple of major issues to resolve, I am a happy person again. Some things that help me: being out in nature, rest, a change in routine or scene, and watching movies when I need a diversion. Take it easy on yourself, Troy! Maybe a long weekend or mini vacation is called for! <3 All the best!

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