Each butterfly is entangled with each other. They're equally significant and important. If we remove only one or change its direction, then what will happen to the rest? It'll create a parallel universe.

Where are the dreams? – SUMMARY

The youth of a state of India is highly addicted to an exam named IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and they don't want to live in India, because of high corruption and unemployment(even after the high scored marks in the studies) like issues in the country.


Suppose a boy has scored 6.5 in IELTS exam but he's not enough worthy to manage the expenses of the whole process of going abroad. On every newspaper in the region, there's a dedicated column of marriage advertisements in which anyone can publish an advertisement for the marriage by giving some necessary details.


The people just visit on the link, pretend to read, then forward the link, then give me the fake nice feedback. Thus, nothing has changed....nothing. It's like a perfect rhythm they are chained to. Aren't they?

Where are the dreams II

the students of Punjab are afraid of competitions and failures and it is the truth (yes, I believe). They don't want any troubles and struggles in life. They don't want any competitions. That's why..........they simply escape and choose to leave the battle by demoralizing the country.

Where are the dreams I

The whole world says that everyone has his own dreams and aims. But what would you say about this kind of youth, who only want to become the Servants of foreign people and just want to earn and get the PR of that country?...

Big announcement

I'm here just to announce something!  I'm thinking just to make alive all of my old content because I found many blogs and most of my readers are new now. So it's better if you check my very very very first articles to know in detail how my blog actually started. The better to do this is to republish all of the content.

There’s no privacy

Every single user on the internet is being used by the companies to earn the profit and they target everyone by their ad banners. Your personal information is being used for business. It's almost like you're being sold door to door just like a prostitute.

|| Happiness is key ||

A few days ago I just realized that I’m not meant to generate traffic or to make social media accounts and asking people to visit my blog. Music is my passion. It gave me this second life. Where is it and what I’m doing? Now it was all clear to me that what I’m missing. The happiness. Then I added that in my routine and it sets the things right.

|| Question of the day 234 ||

My today's question for you is - What is the role of relationship between parents in their child's life ? Or How their relationship affect their children ? Please share your thoughts on this... Thank you! B. M.

|| On the road after a bounce ||

Hopelessness, financial pressure, peer pressure, deceit, frustration, dilemma, anxiety, depression, life showed me everything in between within one month. The month of November been pretty much like a gloom chain for me.

|| Simple is always Complicated ||

The word 'Simple' is always complicated and boring for those who are familiar with complex systems. To understand any Simple thing (on Intellectual level), they make that thing Complicated to solve it by their own complex solutions.

|| Gigantic Network of Philosophical Concepts ||

Philosophy is just like a tree, you start to understand this from whichever point, In the end you will fall to its roots. The more spicy fact is that If you start to explore it from a little concept or definition, the rest of definitions and concepts will come under that single concept.

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