What’s the Point?

By Jack Canfora This evening, I will have a (virtual) table read of a new play of mine. I think it has promise, but for me, and I think I'm not alone in this among playwrights, until I hear it out loud, I can't be sure. Reading it is different from hearing. Unlike, say, novels... Continue Reading →

Summer’s Last Hurrah

By Jack Canfora I'll start with a confession. I don't really know if this is summer's last hurrah. I haven't heard it hurrah at all so far, at least I think I haven't, but in another confession, I've never really heard anyone use hurrah in an unironic fashion, and basing what it would sound like... Continue Reading →

Baby, We’re A Firework

By Jack Canfora So, fans of calendars will know July 4th is fast approaching, or as we Americans refer to it, July 4th. Or Independence Day, if we're feeling formal, or referring to the Will Smith/Jeff Goldblum blockbuster from the 90s. I've always been a little iffy about this holiday, although I do have a... Continue Reading →

FYI: The Internet Is Sometimes Mean

By Jack Canfora I've had pneumonia the last week or so (who gets pneumonia in June? I feel like I'm in a Eugene O'Neil play). I'm basically fine now, but the outpouring of thoughts, cards, money orders, and prayers was quite touching, not to mention the benefit concert, which was simply remarkable. That Bono really... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day

By Jack Canfora I've always felt odd wishing people a Happy Memorial Day. After all, it's a day honoring the war dead. Whether these unfortunate souls died fighting fascism, or perhaps decidedly less noble causes, the bottom line is all of them believed in something bigger than themselves, and they gave their lives for it.... Continue Reading →

E Pluribus Screw ‘Em

By Jack  Canfora “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald* First the good news: this is NOT a political post. In no way is it a political post; this simply isn’t... Continue Reading →

A Sudden Glory

By Jack Canfora Apologies for my absence. The good news is my online theater company, New Normal Rep, starts streaming today and runs through April 4th (www.newnormalrep.org) The first play is mine! Help me fill the gaping hole in my psyche that only the approval of strangers can fill! Forgive the plug, but that's also... Continue Reading →

Been A While

By Jack Canfora It feels like a long time since I've posted on here; it's likely you, with your busy lives crammed with saving democracy, binging various food-themed shows, and (if you're like me) binging on actual food haven't noticed my absence, but I certainly have. Much of it has been for a happy reason:... Continue Reading →

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