A series of questions

Come one, come all! Come see the spectacle that is K, the Forgotten! A sad girl who you won't feel for as she slips from my/our minds. When one forgets, does that allow to begin anew? Perhaps when one forgets themselves... Does forgetting create an absence of the mind, or is it data overwritten? I'm... Continue Reading →

Attention (semantic) seekers…

You have somebody's full attention! Now, let us shed our ideas of extraversion and introversion and focus on the attention itself. How would you want to be considered in their eyes? Interesting, Intriguing, or Entertaining? Is there is a difference? (Come on, it's me. IMO of course there is.) I've always wanted to be interesting,... Continue Reading →

Junkie’s Addiction – semantics

Splitting hairs in definitions, another J.K. babbling semantic stream. J and I were talking about addiction, and the difference between an addict and a junkie. The difference we came up with was that an addict's addiction doesn't interfere with their ability to function within society, whereas a junkie's addiction does. Bear in mind that addictions... Continue Reading →

The sublime divinity of art.

The beginning of an idea of “art as the realm of the gods.”
Where gods are archetypal representations for inherent and universal human experiences and characteristics.

Modern Mystic Mother

You have Mario Savioni to thank for the publication of this blog post. A conversation (comment thread) we had reminded me about this half formed thingy I started writing last year… It is part of my personal philosophy of aesthetics. The nature of art, and how it is representative of the presence of the divine within humanity.


The passive form invites the active gaze. The masculine gaze is attracted to the subjective beauty. As “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, the voyeur may or may not be aware of the specific form which stimulated visual pleasure – if it is the light, the colour, or the form unto which the light befalls.

The gods and goddesses of mythology are real – that is, they are archetypal representations of aspects within all of us. They try to ‘speak to us’ but we don’t know how to understand their messages…

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SeCreation. Sex me precious, I’m a fat bastard.

Narratology as allegory for the human condition.

Modern Mystic Mother

Programming my bear arms to wave to right frequency.

I make a ton of metaphors, jokes and overall references to the physical body. Like skin, hair, eyes, brain, genitals, flesh, bone, muscle, sinew, bodily fluids or excretions, lips, tongue, teeth, fingers. Sphincters!

I do so because I have a physical body and (unless I am grossly mistaken) I believe it’s something every person can agree with have in common. Excellent.

We all have material, physical form. Check.

Therefore, we are also surely going to have the following in common, too:

  • The need to eat food. Calories, nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
  • We need to drink water to maintain hydration for optimum functioning. Lubricate the joints and mechanisms of your rusty, busty cage.
  • We need to sleep. Rest, heal, recharge. Dreaming is a perk, remembering them is not a guarantee.
  • You wear some form of clothing.
  • You maintain some level of hygiene.

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Questions about growing up and society

Hello Pointless Overthinkers. It's me, Kalliope! Did you miss me? Hmm, don't answer that, I'd rather you save your answers for the following morsels of munchable musings... you know they're a real treat, coming from the chief muse herself. LOL I want to you to define 'growing up.' Is it just submitting your inner self... Continue Reading →

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