SeCreation. Sex me precious, I’m a fat bastard.

Narratology as allegory for the human condition.

Modern Mystic Mother

Programming my bear arms to wave to right frequency.

I make a ton of metaphors, jokes and overall references to the physical body. Like skin, hair, eyes, brain, genitals, flesh, bone, muscle, sinew, bodily fluids or excretions, lips, tongue, teeth, fingers. Sphincters!

I do so because I have a physical body and (unless I am grossly mistaken) I believe it’s something every person can agree with have in common. Excellent.

We all have material, physical form. Check.

Therefore, we are also surely going to have the following in common, too:

  • The need to eat food. Calories, nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
  • We need to drink water to maintain hydration for optimum functioning. Lubricate the joints and mechanisms of your rusty, busty cage.
  • We need to sleep. Rest, heal, recharge. Dreaming is a perk, remembering them is not a guarantee.
  • You wear some form of clothing.
  • You maintain some level of hygiene.

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Questions about growing up and society

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