The Pitfall of Reliance on Providentialism

In a previous post, I mentioned that reliance on “providentialistic” views was one potential difficulty for present-day Stoics. Today I’ll explain this a bit. When I say “providentialistic” or “providentialism,” I’m referring to what theoretical discourses term “divine providence,” or perhaps more accurately, a belief in divine providence. In short, belief in divine providence is … More The Pitfall of Reliance on Providentialism

Four ways we may stumble in attempting to live Stoically

Have you encountered these difficulties in attempting to live Stoically? After a conversation I had, some time ago, about living as a Stoic philosopher, I found myself wondering what pitfalls and stumbling blocks a person is likely to encounter when they try seriously to integrate Stoic teachings and practice into their life. Four things came … More Four ways we may stumble in attempting to live Stoically

True Self-Esteem 2

True, intrinsic self-esteem is extremely conducive to happiness. But self-esteem that is merely contingent, on the other hand, is not. Following up on a previous post, I want to share a few contrasts between true and contingent self-esteem. Gabor Mate identifies these in Scattered (see chapter 25). Contingent self-esteem… True self-esteem… evaluates accepts “is fickle, … More True Self-Esteem 2

a note on trauma

trauma is a still-unhealed wound, still carried within oneself traumatic event, or traumatizing event, is the thing that caused the trauma often ‘trauma’ is used to mean traumatizing event. this seems fine to me, so long as the meaning is understood. However, The distinction between trauma and traumatizing event is perhaps not widely understood or … More a note on trauma

True Self-Esteem

Not long ago, I read something about self-esteem that seems important to share. It’s a distinction between contingent and true self-esteem. Or rather, a distinction between self-esteem, and something that looks like self-esteem, but isn’t. Gabor Mate puts it like this: “Self-esteem based on achievement has been called contingent self-esteem or acquired self-esteem. Unlike contingent … More True Self-Esteem

Seeking an outside-of-life meaning as a category mistake

By SeekerFive A very nice comment by @kjensenstudio pushed me to enlarge upon what I meant by suggesting, in a previous post, that “life is the condition for meaning and meaningfulness, rather than something that needs a single, permanent, or predetermined meaning.” Although I attempted to do so in a long-winded reply, I also want … More Seeking an outside-of-life meaning as a category mistake

An atheist praying?

Sometimes I remember a writer, I can’t recall who, describing a friend who though atheist, sometimes goes into a church and prays. The writer had noticed this about his friend and was perplexed: How, or why, is he praying, if he does not believe in a god to pray to? His friend explained that although … More An atheist praying?