Home, Sweet, Home

Once upon a time, I knew exactly how it felt to be home, sweet, home. My vision of that place in time and space was very clear. It was defined by the shape of a backyard, the dimensions of a house, and the placement of surrounding trees and shrubbery. What mattered most, however, were the … More Home, Sweet, Home

To Swim As God

One of the books that I’m currently reading is entitled The Yoga of Knowledge, Jnana Yoga, by Swami Vivekananda. From what I’ve discovered about Swami Vivekananda, he was an Indian monk who was a disciple of Ramakrishna and played an instrumental role in bringing the teachings of Vedanta and Yoga to the West. Here, I offer … More To Swim As God

Are You Watching

The great Lao Tzu (ancient Chinese philosopher, founder of Taoism, and author of the Tao Te Ching) is attributed with having written the following famous quote: Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. … More Are You Watching

Joe-Joe’s Egoless Shop

With sighs of relief, Joe and Joe sat their conceptual body-minds down on overturned pails outside their shop. The morning’s case had been a stubborn one, and now it was time for a break and a smoke. These ego-busters were from the good ol’ days, and they made no bones about it. They liked their cigarettes strong, their muscle … More Joe-Joe’s Egoless Shop

Footfall Of An Ant

We begin this article with a quote from Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna. Although its message may seem ludicrous to the masses, it will strike a resonate chord to those who’ve realized their true nature. Here, I offer the quote: “Pray to Him in any way you will. He is sure to hear you, for He hears … More Footfall Of An Ant

Caveman Wisdom

Two cavemen, Gronk and Thogg, were sitting on a rock ledge, overlooking the expanse of land that stretched before them. The afternoon sun was full and bright; not a cloud was in the sky. In the near distance, wildlife grazed or darted playfully to and fro. The warbled songs and stabbing calls of various birds … More Caveman Wisdom

Understanding The Law of Attraction

The key point regarding a deeper understanding of the law of attraction involves an apparent major shift in our identity. I added the word “apparent” for good reason. Although we can only be what we actually are, it is possible, however, to hold erroneous beliefs regarding our essential nature. This is, in fact, the predominant situation for the majority … More Understanding The Law of Attraction

The Heart Always Wins

This post is going to appear like a major detour from my usual topics related to consciousness and enlightenment, but it does contain a little information related to the law of attraction. The law, which many persons may find questionable, or outright unbelievable, is that we bring about what we think about. This can also … More The Heart Always Wins

The “Real” McCoy

Many humans will only purchase brand name items. They wouldn’t be caught dead buying anything less. They want the genuine article, the best of the best; and yet how easily they are fooled into buying into a false “i”-dentity. The latter was certainly true of me. With regard to the subject of “Know Thyself,” we … More The “Real” McCoy

Connecting The Dots

I would have made a poor Sherlock Holmes, especially when it comes to solving the mysterious case regarding the Truth of our Being. In that regard, I behaved more like Inspector Clouseau, of Pink Panther fame. That’s not to say that I was as bumbling in life as the inspector was with his investigations; but … More Connecting The Dots

Dismantling Fences

There is an old saying which states that “fences make good neighbours.” Although this may seem a logical way to deal with conflicts that invariably arise due to the human condition, it is a shortsighted solution. Of more importance, building fences–even mending fences–leaves us subject to judgmental behaviour that ignores our shared oneness. Relying on … More Dismantling Fences

Service…With a Smile

Guilty–as charged! Yes, the title of this article is cliché, but there’s good news: the content isn’t. As you may have guessed, the content relates to service–the real kind; not the smarmy “have-a-nice-day” (insert roll of the eyes) kind. On a deeper level, service can be interpreted as Purpose, with a capital P. Through wisdom, we learn that Being, Life, and Purpose are … More Service…With a Smile

God At My Table

How fortunate I am to have been raised by loving parents. Although not perfect (for who in human form is?), my parents set many fine examples of how to be in this world. They encouraged–more importantly practiced–honesty, caring, generosity, and industriousness. One of their powerful examples was that of saying grace before eating our meals. … More God At My Table

The Story of Gain and Loss

The paradigm of reality that is related in this article is radically different from the one that we’ve been conditioned to believe. Almost everyone, particularly in western-type cultures, has been programmed to blindly accept that they are a separate self (the little “i”) who either gains, and is, therefore, labelled a success; or losses, and is, therefore, labelled a … More The Story of Gain and Loss

Beneath The Mask

Many of us live in cultures that place great emphasis on being seen. We value how we’re seen, where we’re seen, and, equally, how and where we’re not seen. Most of us know people who desperately desire to seen here (skiing in the Alps), or seen there (attending an invitation-only gala); and if we’re honest, … More Beneath The Mask