Where There’s Smoke

If I were to lead into this article with “Where there’s smoke,” we could finish the sentence with, “there’s (A. An arsonist. B. An inexperienced chef. C. Fire).” In truth, there are numerous other potential words that could be applied to complete the sentence. The majority of readers won’t need to read the choices, because … More Where There’s Smoke

The Knock

As I write this article, I am still assembling the remaining pieces of a mystical jigsaw puzzle that I didn’t realize belonged to me. Perhaps some of you are familiar with that situation; one in which the breadth, depth, and scope of an apparent experience is not fully understood until months, or even years, later. … More The Knock

The Road To Utah

If I were asked to speak of this planet’s natural beauty, it would be impossible for me to do so without mentioning Utah. It would, In fact, be the first place to spring to mind. In my opinion, Utah is the epitome of breathtaking beauty; due in part to its layered plateaus, vast openness, and … More The Road To Utah