What Racism Does to Us and How to Defeat It

By Troy Headrick I’ll start this one off with a confession.  Lately, I’ve been feeling depressed and overwhelmed.  These feelings are a byproduct of what I see happening in America, the place I currently live, and elsewhere, especially in parts of Europe. As everyone certainly knows, America’s president is Donald Trump.  (Just having to say... Continue Reading →

What Cars and Driving Do to Us

By Troy Headrick I had been thinking for several days about the possibility of writing something about automobiles and driving and the impact these things have on our mental health and happiness, and then I saw that Betul Erbasi had published this piece on slowing down.  As someone who writes regularly for Pointless Overthinking, I... Continue Reading →

Why Do We Write and Publish?

By Troy Headrick Several days ago I needed to leave the writing center I manage and walk to the college library to pick up some reading that is relevant to some research I am doing.  So I turned the center over to my very capable tutors and began the ten-minute stroll across campus to the... Continue Reading →

We Find Ourselves by Losing Ourselves

By Troy Headrick I want to begin this one with a story.  Years ago, back when I first started my career as an academician, I had this strange midlife crisis.  I call it “strange” because I wasn’t anywhere near the middle of my life at the time it occurred. It manifested itself in this way: ... Continue Reading →

Freewriting: A Great Writing Tool (Part Two)

By Troy Headrick About a week ago, I wrote (and published) “Freewriting:  A Great Writing Tool (Part One.”  Today, I’m ready to follow up with part two. Lots of people commented on the first installment.  For example, deelib68 asked, “Is freewriting meant to be read afterwards?  I did it once and it was very stream... Continue Reading →

Freewriting: A Great Writing Tool (Part One)

By Troy Headrick Writing!  A topic of great interest at Pointless Overthinking.  In fact, Bogdan has written a number of blogs about writing and the psychology of putting things down on paper.  For example, there’s this one which begins by asking if the act of writing helps writers write better.  (I would answer such a... Continue Reading →

Not all Questions Are Created Equal

By Troy Headrick Not long ago, I had a very interesting conversation with someone I’ll call “John.”  The two of us talked about many subjects during our meandering dialogue.  At one point, to my complete surprise, John said, “I don’t need to question things.  Why would I want to do that?  My head already feels... Continue Reading →

Is It Dumb to Have a Smartphone?

By Troy Headrick I struggled coming up with a title for this one.  I almost called it “My Love/Hate Relationship with My Smartphone.” Okay, so I own a Samsung Galaxy Note5.  I know.  I know.  It’s certainly not the latest and coolest model.  But then again, I’m not necessarily the coolest guy either.  Almost nothing... Continue Reading →

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

By Troy Headrick At work, as part of our professional development, I (along with several colleagues) have been reading and talking about Make It Stick, a book written by Peter Brown, Henry Roediger, and Mark McDaniel, on the psychology of learning. The other day, I was given the task of leading the discussion on chapter... Continue Reading →

The Psychology of Travel

By Troy Headrick I want to preface this by saying that I’m an American who spent nearly two decades living outside his home country.  I resided for two and a half years in Poland, four years in the United Arab Emirates, four years in Turkey, and seven in Egypt.  During the expat period of my... Continue Reading →

Come as You Are

By Troy Headrick Those of us who write autobiographical pieces have one thing in common.  We are willing to open ourselves up, to expose our inner workings to the public because we understand that doing so is cathartic.  We know, deep in our bones, that this kind of sharing helps, often in the same way... Continue Reading →

Do Something Difficult

By Troy Headrick It’s funny how my memory works.  I can recall long-ago glimpses of things and fragments of conversations.  I am able to conjure up sounds, smells, and feelings associated with past experiences.  These must have made a strong impression because they got stuck in my memory bank (very much like a kind of... Continue Reading →

A New Religion

By Troy Headrick Edward de Bono, the creator of the concept “lateral thinking” and author of the highly acclaimed Six Thinking Hats, has written approximately sixty books on all sorts of subjects, making him both prolific and wide-ranging.  Having read several of his works and finding them both profound and incredibly accessible, I recently decided... Continue Reading →

We Are One: Spread the Word

By Troy Headrick I realize that this blog is not primarily a place for political writing, but bear with me for a paragraph or two.  Though this piece is going to have a political start, it’s going to end up being about culture and human relations and teaching.  In it, I’ll even make a recommendation... Continue Reading →

Achieving Balance

Troy Headrick's personal blog can be found at Thinker Boy:  Blog & Art. In politics, I’m something of a progressive extremist.  But in my approach to living, I’d say I’m something of a moderate.  I mean, by that, I believe in achieving balance.  Extremism may be good in politics—especially if one advocates extreme liberalism and... Continue Reading →

Some Observations about Loss and Grief

Troy Headrick’s personal blog can be found at Thinker Boy:  Blog & Art. I’m quite close to someone who recently lost a beloved family member.  The dearly departed was a septuagenarian who had battled a case of metastasized cancer that finally got the best of him.  To respect my friend’s privacy, I don’t want to... Continue Reading →

Calling for a Revolution

Troy Headrick's personal blog can be found at Thinker Boy:  Blog & Art. In my last blog, which was about teaching and learning, I asked, down in my conclusion, the following question: Is there anything bigger (or more important) than knowledge when learning, and if so, what might this bigger (and more important) thing be?... Continue Reading →

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