The Turning Point

When people ask me how old I am, I sometimes respond, “Old enough.”  There’s some snark in that answer but only a smidgin.  There’s a lot of truth in it too.  For example, I’m certainly old enough to remember when public school teachers used those old-fashioned video projectors to show educational films in school.  I’m … More The Turning Point

Troy Headrick Interviews…Troy Headrick

Dear, readers, I recently had a chance to interview Troy Headrick, blogger here at Pointless Overthinking.  The transcript of our conversation follows. *** TLH:  While preparing for this interview, I read your brief autobiographical blurb on the PO “Our Team” page.  The accompanying photograph got my attention.  You seem to be grinning from ear to … More Troy Headrick Interviews…Troy Headrick

Pointless Overthinking Seeks Your Advice and Feedback

Hi, everyone.  I want to start by saying “thanks” to you, our readers.  Without you, there would be no Pointless Overthinking.  We are so grateful that you spend your precious time with us, and we are deeply inspired by your “likes” and comments to the pieces we publish here. If you’ve been a long-time reader … More Pointless Overthinking Seeks Your Advice and Feedback

You Won’t Be Sorry

By Troy Headrick During this past week, I went back and reread the autobiographical blurb I have posted on Pointless Overthinking’s “Our Team” page.  It had been a long time since I’d looked at what I’d penned about myself.  I wanted to see if it still felt true. I’d forgotten that I’d written about myself … More You Won’t Be Sorry

A Teacher Speaks Out

By Troy Headrick I want to make a bold claim:  Good schools can save the world. I bet a whole bunch of thoughts come to mind when you hear the word “school.”  I mention this because I have some pretty unorthodox ideas about schools and what they really do—or should do.  My point is, I’m … More A Teacher Speaks Out

A Funny Thing Happened when Things Returned to Normal

By Troy Headrick About two weeks ago, I physically returned to my workplace, a community college, Mondays through Thursdays.  On Fridays, we stay home and work remotely exactly as we’ve been doing since mid-March of 2020. Of course, there are health protocols in place now that we’ve gone back in person.  For example, each morning, … More A Funny Thing Happened when Things Returned to Normal

Join the Pointless Overthinking Team of Writers!

By Troy Headrick Hi, everyone.  I’m writing to tell you about a wonderful opportunity.  Pointless Overthinking (PO) is currently looking for about three new writers to join its team of bloggers.  If you’re interested in applying for such a position, please continue reading. Before submitting work, please spend some time looking carefully at the sorts of writing … More Join the Pointless Overthinking Team of Writers!

I Didn’t Have a Plan

By Troy Headrick It’s Friday afternoon.  The clock tells me it’s 4:25 p.m.  I yawn.  I stretch.  I stare at the ceiling for at least two minutes. It’s the napping hour.  I’d love to close my eyes, but I can’t, at least not for the next thirty plus minutes.  I’m at home, yet I’m working—“remotely.”  … More I Didn’t Have a Plan

Another Starry Night

By Troy Headrick A little more than a week ago, I published a piece about an extraordinary evening.  Last night, hoping to have a similar experience, I carried my chair outside again and sat.  The conditions were similar to what they had been a week earlier, so I had great expectations.  I sat for a … More Another Starry Night

I Felt Happy

By Troy Headrick I hope you’re not expecting anything profound in this piece.  If those are your expectations, you’re likely to be disappointed.  Still, I encourage you to read on.  Some of you might find something of value in this blog. It’s summertime in Texas.  That means it’s hot.  Quite surprisingly, though, as I stepped … More I Felt Happy

I’m Back

By Troy Headrick I’ve been gone from this blog for about a month, and now I’m back. A lot has happened during my absence.  So much, in fact, that I found it hard to write. Back in mid-July, my wife and I traveled to Egypt, her home country, for exactly two weeks.  We had plans … More I’m Back

Two Kinds of People

By Troy Headrick It occurred to me, about a week or so ago, that I had an anniversary coming up.  On July 3, 2015, I arrived back in Texas after living seven years in Cairo, Egypt.  That means I’ve been in the United States, my home country, exactly six years. Of course, I brought my … More Two Kinds of People