On Freeing the Enslaved

By Troy Headrick There are two kinds of slaves:  Those who don’t realize they are enslaved and those who know their status but don’t know how to free themselves.  In my previous blog, the one that described the problem of intellectual enslavement, I focused mostly on discussing political manipulation by demagogues.  In fact, this blog,... Continue Reading →

On Enslavement

By Troy Headrick My father is a creative genius and one of the most thoughtful men I’ve ever known.  He’s a natural born philosopher and someone I love to talk with about all sorts of topics. In February of 2020, during one of my last face-to-face visits with him—the pandemic has robbed us of many... Continue Reading →

A Big Thank You (With Gifts)

By Troy Headrick It seems I’ve been a good boy this year because I’ve received more than my fair share of gifts recently.  I’m not talking about glittery objects placed under the tree or the proverbial stocking stuffed full of goodies.  I’m referring to all the wonderful things that you, dear readers, have gifted me... Continue Reading →

The Art of the Siphon

By Troy Headrick Many of you know that I’m an American who spent nearly two decades living and working abroad.  During the time I’m referring to, I resided in Poland, the UAE, Turkey, and Egypt.  I taught writing, literature, philosophy, research methods, and critical thinking at universities and colleges in those locales. I got spoiled... Continue Reading →

I Want to Hygge Like It’s 1999

By Troy Headrick I’ve traveled a lot but have never been to Denmark.  I see this as a shortcoming, especially since I’ve long been intrigued with that Nordic country.  I’ve embedded a Deutsche Welle video on “hygge,” a fascinating Danish concept, one that shapes Danish culture and worldview.  If you want to know more about... Continue Reading →

Reading Vaclav Havel

By Troy Headrick I’m currently reading Vaclav Havel’s essay “The Power of the Powerless,” a wonderful treatise on human nature, unfreedom, power, culture, and mass psychology.  Though he writes about what he calls “post-totalitarianism,” a dictatorial system that held sway across Eastern Europe during the Soviet era, I am persuaded that some of Havel’s thinking... Continue Reading →

The Corniest Thing You’ll Read Today

By Troy Headrick I glance at the clock and note that it’s 6:26 p.m.  The date is Friday, November 6th, 2020.  I feel mentally and physically exhausted.  Earlier this week, on Tuesday—which seems like forever ago—Americans went to the polls to choose a president and many other elected officials.  Despite the passage of nearly three... Continue Reading →

What the Heck Is Going On?

By Troy Headrick I’ve been having strange dreams recently.  Something’s definitely going on in my subconscious. Plus, in most cases, I don’t usually remember dreams, but lately, they’ve been both extremely vivid and easy to recollect.  I wonder what’s up? About a week ago, I dreamed that I was standing outside my old high school... Continue Reading →

Are We All Becoming Weirdos?

By Troy Headrick I’m taking a break from my series on “places that made me,” to share a couple of interesting observations, an article, and some questions. If you are a regular reader of my posts, you know that I manage a writing center in a college and am currently working remotely as are those... Continue Reading →

Places that “Made” Me: Installment One

By Troy Headrick My mind works in mysterious ways.  For example, three or four days ago, for no particular reason, the following question popped into my head:  I wonder who said, “Clothes make the man”?  I then almost immediately forgot that I’d asked this question—my brain having its own unique way of functioning—and went about... Continue Reading →

We Need a Second “Golden Rule”

By Troy Headrick I want to thank “Hamish,” a thoughtful young man from New Zealand.  His comment on my last Pointless Overthinking piece inspired this.  By the way, Hamish blogs.  You should have a look at his work. In the comment I’ve referred to, Hamish writes, “I’ve been slowly figuring out over the past little... Continue Reading →

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