Two Kinds of People

By Troy Headrick It occurred to me, about a week or so ago, that I had an anniversary coming up.  On July 3, 2015, I arrived back in Texas after living seven years in Cairo, Egypt.  That means I’ve been in the United States, my home country, exactly six years. Of course, I brought my … More Two Kinds of People

The Little Tabby

By Troy Headrick About a week and a half ago, at the end of a two-hour bike ride around our neighborhood, my wife came running into the house and said, “Come out!  I found a little kitten!”  I was just about to step into the shower, so I put my exercise gear back on and … More The Little Tabby


By Troy Headrick Life is like a great meandering stroll through a vast wilderness of ever-changing scenery.  Such a long tramp is bound to change us, so it’s highly likely we’ll undergo one transformation after another as we travel. I was an only child during the earliest stages of my “journey.”  I spent the first … More Others

On Process and Product

By Troy Headrick If you’re a regular reader of my posts, you know that I’ve been a writing, literature, and critical thinking teacher for many years.  I mention this again because it’s going to be relevant to the topic of this blog. In recent decades, there has been something of a transformation in how college … More On Process and Product

Expat Syndrome

By Troy Headrick In my previous blog, “The Peculiar Person,” I wrote about joining the Peace Corps and being sent to serve in the wonderful country of Poland. That was a magical time in my life.  I was seeing many things for the first time and learning a lot, every day, about this new part … More Expat Syndrome