LESSON TWO:  A Book Excerpt

By Troy Headrick NOTE:  The following is an excerpt from a book I’ve written on critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and self-actualization.  Each chapter is called a “Lesson” and ends with a journal writing assignment that gives the reader an opportunity to explore the concept(s) discussed in the lesson.  I would appreciate your feedback... Continue Reading →

Energy Saver

Hello! Wishing everyone a good Sunday and a good week! The dominant topic this past week has been how to save energy for me. Namely, how do I save my energy so I can be a better version of myself? I have been thinking about this longer but this week was the action time. What... Continue Reading →


Photo by Lindeboom Jean-Bapt on Pexels.com In aviation we have a term called AOG that means Aircraft on Ground. It refers to a plane that can’t fly because of a technical issue. We might also say a pilot is grounded because of a disciplinary issue, or that passengers are grounded because of weather. In all... Continue Reading →

You Won’t Be Sorry

By Troy Headrick During this past week, I went back and reread the autobiographical blurb I have posted on Pointless Overthinking’s “Our Team” page.  It had been a long time since I’d looked at what I’d penned about myself.  I wanted to see if it still felt true. I’d forgotten that I’d written about myself... Continue Reading →

A Teacher Speaks Out

By Troy Headrick I want to make a bold claim:  Good schools can save the world. I bet a whole bunch of thoughts come to mind when you hear the word “school.”  I mention this because I have some pretty unorthodox ideas about schools and what they really do—or should do.  My point is, I’m... Continue Reading →

What’s the Point?

By Jack Canfora This evening, I will have a (virtual) table read of a new play of mine. I think it has promise, but for me, and I think I'm not alone in this among playwrights, until I hear it out loud, I can't be sure. Reading it is different from hearing. Unlike, say, novels... Continue Reading →

Can you slow down?

Hello PO family! How are you all doing? Long time, no see! I had to take an unexpected and long break from writing but I plan to be more regular from now on. Hopefully, we will continue meeting on most Sundays. There was a lot going on in my life, hence the break. But I... Continue Reading →

Join the Pointless Overthinking Team of Writers!

By Troy Headrick Hi, everyone.  I’m writing to tell you about a wonderful opportunity.  Pointless Overthinking (PO) is currently looking for about three new writers to join its team of bloggers.  If you’re interested in applying for such a position, please continue reading. Before submitting work, please spend some time looking carefully at the sorts of writing... Continue Reading →

I Didn’t Have a Plan

By Troy Headrick It’s Friday afternoon.  The clock tells me it’s 4:25 p.m.  I yawn.  I stretch.  I stare at the ceiling for at least two minutes. It’s the napping hour.  I’d love to close my eyes, but I can’t, at least not for the next thirty plus minutes.  I’m at home, yet I’m working—“remotely.” ... Continue Reading →

Can Happiness Be Cultivated?

By Troy Headrick I’ve been writing about happiness recently.  This is the third (and final) installment in a series of pieces on this subject.  The first installment can be found here and second one, here. While prepping myself to write this, I began to think of analogies.  Can happiness be cultivated in the same way... Continue Reading →

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