Question of the Day: No. 532

What is one thing you appreciate about these face masks we've all been wearing? There's been a lot of complaining of course, and now that mask mandates are being lifted where I live, there are lots of comments about how terrible the wearing masks is/was. A sense of relief is understandable. At the same time,... Continue Reading →

The Little Tabby

By Troy Headrick About a week and a half ago, at the end of a two-hour bike ride around our neighborhood, my wife came running into the house and said, “Come out!  I found a little kitten!”  I was just about to step into the shower, so I put my exercise gear back on and... Continue Reading →

The Pursuit Of Unhappiness

Apparently most of us have a default level of happiness. No mater what our station is in life, we are all slightly dissatisfied. Slightly. Life is just never quite good enough, even when it really is.  This default happiness level readjusts depending on your circumstances. Even if something great happens to you, like winning the... Continue Reading →

Question of the Day: No. 531

By Troy Headrick This past weekend, I watched a couple of episodes of Family Pictures USA, a great program where the host, filmmaker Allen Thomas Harris, travels around America asking people to share old photos and talk about their ancestors and family histories.  One of those who showed pics and was interviewed made an interesting... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone, We are here to do some Sunday reading again. Welcome you all! I want to discuss something I often struggle with today: acceptance. I come from a family of government workers. In Turkey, a government worker can be a teacher at a public school, a doctor at a public hospital etc. When you... Continue Reading →

On Work and Money: Part Two

By Troy Headrick If you haven’t already done so, you might want to have a look at part one.  That one was mostly about work.  This second piece will be more focused on money; although, work and money really go hand in hand because without the former, the latter is hard to come by. In... Continue Reading →

Questions of the Day: No. 529

By Troy Headrick These questions were inspired by “Self-Appreciation,” Betul Erbasi’s excellent blog.  In her piece, she tells the story of how she’s recently started giving herself verbal self-praise as a way of bolstering her self-love and self-esteem.  If you haven’t already read Betul’s article, I recommend that you have a look.  So, here are... Continue Reading →


Hello! How is everyone this week? I hope it was a week worth remembering, or at least a week not to hate. Today, I want to talk about something I started doing recently. I was surprised that I was actually not doing it. It is ‘telling myself good things about myself/appreciating myself explicitly’. In other... Continue Reading →

On Work and Money: Part One

By Troy Headrick Earlier this week I read “The Shame that Keeps Us in Our Jobs,” an article by Paul Millerd, one of my LinkedIn contacts.  Millerd’s piece, about work, work culture, and money, got me thinking about a whole bunch of topics.  This blog is the result of that rumination. I want to begin... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day

By Jack Canfora I've always felt odd wishing people a Happy Memorial Day. After all, it's a day honoring the war dead. Whether these unfortunate souls died fighting fascism, or perhaps decidedly less noble causes, the bottom line is all of them believed in something bigger than themselves, and they gave their lives for it.... Continue Reading →

Question of the Day: No. 527

By Troy Headrick Here’s today’s question: Who or what inspires you and why? It was hard to come up with an answer for this because I find inspiration everywhere.  After thinking long and hard, I’ve chosen my father.  He is getting up in age and has many health challenges, yet he continues to do wonderfully... Continue Reading →


By Troy Headrick Life is like a great meandering stroll through a vast wilderness of ever-changing scenery.  Such a long tramp is bound to change us, so it’s highly likely we’ll undergo one transformation after another as we travel. I was an only child during the earliest stages of my “journey.”  I spent the first... Continue Reading →

88 Pointless Thoughts About Life

More or less every week for the past year I’ve put 3 random thoughts together, along with a couple of quotes and other bits and pieces, in a post called 3-2-1 Mindset Mondays. Anyway, below is a highlight reel of those thoughts. I started with 150 and kept cutting it down till I got bored.... Continue Reading →

How I Would Have Answered

By Troy Headrick Earlier this month, I posted a “question of the day” in which I asked readers to reflect upon the biggest challenge facing humanity.  I got an overwhelming number of responses and am still in the process of responding to all those who left comments. In thinking about how I might answer such... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone! Let’s talk about emotions today. I want to talk about them in a pure observational way. No trying to understand, no whys. The main questions I am curious about is whether there is a dominant feeling in your life and whether there are specific emotions associated with specific times of the day. Starting... Continue Reading →

Question of the Day: No. 524

By Troy Headrick Here’s today’s question: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever heard or been given? My answer:  Back when I was in graduate school, I did a big research project that brought me in contact with the ideas of the great Joseph Campbell, famed expert on comparative mythology.  Campbell, in his... Continue Reading →

Regaining Lift

Most of us experience stalling at some stage in our lives. In our attempts to be all we can. In our attempts to climb as high as we can, as fast as we can. The problem is, like an aeroplane, we can only climb so fast. If we pitch the nose up too high, or... Continue Reading →

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