How to Identify a Narcissistic Personality

The common definition of narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s idealised self-image and attributes. Narcissists are people who believe to be unique, superior to others and masters of a wonderful existence that no one can imagine. As a result, they may be bullies and arrogant. They need constant … More How to Identify a Narcissistic Personality

Troy Headrick Interviews…Troy Headrick

Dear, readers, I recently had a chance to interview Troy Headrick, blogger here at Pointless Overthinking.  The transcript of our conversation follows. *** TLH:  While preparing for this interview, I read your brief autobiographical blurb on the PO “Our Team” page.  The accompanying photograph got my attention.  You seem to be grinning from ear to … More Troy Headrick Interviews…Troy Headrick


Hi everyone! This week’s topic is change of opinions. This came out of a discussion with my friend this past week. The main point is that for many people, including me, their opinions change almost radically as they go through from teenager years to young adulthood and especially adulthood. I definitely did a lot of … More Change

The Perils of Perfectionism and the Joy of Being Ordinary

Scrolling down our various social media profiles may give us the impression that everyone that we know is having the time of their lives 24/7. Glowing smiles of newly formed relationships, exotic foods, sculpted flawless bodies all exemplify the perfection that they have achieved. One puts down their phone and is immediately filled with a … More The Perils of Perfectionism and the Joy of Being Ordinary

Internal Peace

My 6-year-old has discovered the gift of reading. The other day as we were wandering up an alley on our way to a little park in our neighborhood, I was idly listening as she was reading the signs on fences, garages and painted on the cement. “No nuck-es” she said. I looked down at the … More Internal Peace

Pointless Overthinking Seeks Your Advice and Feedback

Hi, everyone.  I want to start by saying “thanks” to you, our readers.  Without you, there would be no Pointless Overthinking.  We are so grateful that you spend your precious time with us, and we are deeply inspired by your “likes” and comments to the pieces we publish here. If you’ve been a long-time reader … More Pointless Overthinking Seeks Your Advice and Feedback

Work With The Willing: A rule of thumb for human capital management (and life)

The great resignation of 2021 has been a huge headline this year. After millions of people lost their jobs in 2020, this year we saw millions of employees voluntarily leave their jobs. Here’s my hot take—employers can’t fight this. If somebody isn’t willing, you can’t coerce them to be willing. Even if you do, that willingness won’t be sustainable. … More Work With The Willing: A rule of thumb for human capital management (and life)


Hello! As I said in a previous post, I have had some health issues in recent months, things that were kind of (thank God, not much) affecting my daily life without me realizing it much. Before the diagnosis, I was having some trouble and I did not understand why and how. I kept asking if … More Clarity

Creating Context

I was recently reading the fourth book in the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling to my 6-year-old daughter and she asked, “Why are they telling us that his parents were killed by Valdemort and he lives on Privet Drive with his aunt and uncle again? We already know that!” So we talked about the … More Creating Context