How to Manage Your Time Better

Would you like to get more things done on a daily basis? Do you feel like losing too much time with… nothing? And nevertheless, you still are afraid of a tight schedule? Regardless the general impression, a tight schedule brings more freedom than anything does. And it allows us to get more things done. I’ve... Continue Reading →

Do Something Difficult

By Troy Headrick It’s funny how my memory works.  I can recall long-ago glimpses of things and fragments of conversations.  I am able to conjure up sounds, smells, and feelings associated with past experiences.  These must have made a strong impression because they got stuck in my memory bank (very much like a kind of... Continue Reading →

Time heals (almost) everything

   You probably worry about lots of things about your life. I understand that because I do it too. And sometimes I cannot f*cking help myself. There are some core beliefs installed (to which I’m working on) that keep nesting some thoughts in my mind, which throw me from my track from time to time.... Continue Reading →

The 80/20 Rule – Reblog

   These days I realized how much time we spend doing things that might not bring so much value in our lire, but we still need to do them. I remembered there is a dude that actually did some math (or maybe meth? Who knows!?) and he figured out that 80% of our actions bring... Continue Reading →

It’s in your head, and it’s physical

 “Who cares? It’s not like the brain can make a physical difference between positive thoughts and negative thoughts!” Well, in his book Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind (2007) Joe Dispenza talks about how do our brains make a difference between these two types of thoughts. Most of us have neurons, right?... Continue Reading →

A New Religion

By Troy Headrick Edward de Bono, the creator of the concept “lateral thinking” and author of the highly acclaimed Six Thinking Hats, has written approximately sixty books on all sorts of subjects, making him both prolific and wide-ranging.  Having read several of his works and finding them both profound and incredibly accessible, I recently decided... Continue Reading →

Instincts and Basic Needs – Reblog

   Today was a very long day and I feel how my energy level is below the one a worm has. Because of this, my concentration diminished and my power of concentration also (if this is a worse blog post than usual, that’s the reason). Noticing this about my current condition, I remembered that our... Continue Reading →

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