Books offer different things to different people. For some, books offer an escape. For some they offer a different vantage point. For others, entertainment. For others, peace. For some like me, all of the above, and then some! I enjoy hearing people's perspectives. Books allow me to do that easily, at my pleasure. From time... Continue Reading →

Who am I? Who are you?

Hi all, I have been thinking of something lately. If someone asked me who I am, what would I say? Other than the obvious demographic information of course. And I realized I do not have a good answer to that. I tried to define myself without association to anyone or any job. Assume I am... Continue Reading →

Brain-Storming 8

Situation:┬áPeter has got a job offer in a country far from his home country. The job pays well and is a significant upgrade from his current job. He will have to stay there at least 5 years. The question that is bothering him is that he does not know anyone in that country and he... Continue Reading →

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