The Business of Writing

Let me pose a hypothetical job description: Looking for someone good with words. Work involves writing about topics that interest you and that enable you to ponder your experience and wisdom. Your ability to connect to other people with varied backgrounds and experiences in order to build a community of feedback that will help you … More The Business of Writing

The Practice

I was listening to a vigorous debate the other day about New Year Resolutions – should you do them? Is it useful and effective? And while I come down on the side of not doing resolutions, mostly because it seems like a hard starting line to do it in the middle of winter when the … More The Practice

Why Freedom Demands Responsibility

“The principle of freedom must be our first commitment, for without this no one is immune against the virus of aggrandizement – the impulse to grab power, wealth, position, or reputation at the expense of others.”  – HERBERT DOUGLASS – SOURCE:THE COST OF FREEDOM True freedom is a commitment to experiencing the very real limitations of our choices.  … More Why Freedom Demands Responsibility