Life Is The Dancer And We Are The Dance

It’s That Simple Life is so simple and beautiful. More than anything, it so magical and alive. I can see it dancing everywhere around me in the form of my surroundings. A few minutes earlier, I was sitting in my balcony. Luckily, my head slowly tilted upwards as I looked into the sky to watch the... Continue Reading →

Stop Burdening Yourself with Unnecessary Ideals

It’s Okay If You’re Not Feeling Well-Mannered There’s a development related process in psychology. It takes place during our childhood. When we’re kids, we’re egocentric. Till the age of at least four to six. After that, we turn into social animals. Allocentric people. Egocentrism means that you give a damn about what’s happening right now... Continue Reading →

One Screw Can’t Fit In Every Hole

So You Don’t Need To You don’t need to be cool, you’re already too hot to handle… — Author of this article “C’mon man, stay cool yo!” Weird words, yet I used to pretend to be more like them. Why? I find it super unnatural to use such words, and I should be using this “yo” language even more often,... Continue Reading →

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