Weather and us: What we take from it

Hi everyone, I want to talk about how weather affects our moods and even personality today because a friend is visiting me from a colder country and we got to discuss this a bit. So I wanted to learn what you think. A warning before I start, though: whatever I write here is about how... Continue Reading →

Happiness: What is it?

Hi all, I hope everyone is doing great! I want to talk about happiness today because this summer has marked the break-down point of a change that has been going on for a while in my understanding of the concept. I think I have been trying to redefine what happiness is for me for quite... Continue Reading →

Morning vs. Night

I am a natural morning person. Even when I was a kid or teenager, I enjoyed waking up early and watching everything around me come to life. And I have always been my most creative, energetic and productive during morning hours. Because of that, I tended to schedule my day so that I would finish... Continue Reading →

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