Internal Peace

Hi all, How have you been? It has been a long time since we last interacted here! I missed you all! I took a long-ish break from writing but not from thinking. So, we will meet here regularly now to discuss what I have been thinking about. I want to discuss what it means to... Continue Reading →

Living with Uncertainty

Hi everyone! Until recently, I have struggled with the idea of an ‘uncertain future’. I grew up in a family of government workers. In Turkey, if you work for the government, you are guaranteed for life. You have job security, full health care coverage etc. So, I valued guaranteeing things. But I also have this... Continue Reading →

My first dialogue – Video

Good morning everybody!
Yesterday I had my first online video dialogue with someone. Dr Keith Beasley from Conscious Evolution Today invited me to have a conversation about communication (and not only) and even though it felt terrifying in the first place, it turned out to be an awesome experience!
Here it is (reblogged from Conscious Evolution Today)! I’m looking forward to see your thoughts about it!

Conscious Evolution

In these days of instant, mass communications, when we can talk to pretty much anybody, anytime, anyplace we tend to take communications for granted. Which is a great shame because, all too often, quality of engagement is sacrificed for quantity. How often have you felt a given exchange, be it via e-mail, phone, social media or even face-to-face has been so superficial as to be a waste of time?

It doesn’t have to be like that.

We can all have deep and meaningful communications  . . . if that’s what we choose.

It’s all about being conscious and being present as Keith discusses with Bogdan (DM) of Pointless Overthinking:

or, audio only:

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