SnapDragon Speaks: On The Unwritten Page.

Silent Shrug, 2015. Belgium. Original Photo by SnapDragon X.All rights reserved. What is with us humans? Why do we have a tendency to trivialize other people's problems, but when they happen to us, it's the end of the effing world? We compartmentalize for our friends: Hey, at least you don't have to worry about: the... Continue Reading →

What would you do? – Situational understanding

Ladies and Gentlemen! I stand before you here in this P.O. Amphitheatre to posit a scenario for us to ponder. We are a social species that (for the most part) behaves in accordance with a set of unspoken rules and expectations. I present before you a hypothetical situation that requires your judgement. I encourage you... Continue Reading →

Does Burnout Subdue Empathy?

Provided by Scherezade Ozwulo   Originally posted on The Introverted Christian    Ever since I could remember, I always had an affinity for older people. I, myself had an “old soul” and found it easy to relate to those not in my peer group. Older folks (seniors) told the best stories of childhood reminiscence and... Continue Reading →

The Isolation “Method”

   Did you ever care about something or someone and then sh*t happened and you got hurt? What was the first thought that came through your mind in that moment? Was it something similar to “I’m not doing this ever again”?    It seems that whenever we get hurt physically or mentally by something or... Continue Reading →

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